The Pegasi by Konarska-Konarski


Polish Design Season: Beata Konarska and Pawel Konarski of Warsaw design studio Konarska-Konarski have created a group of winged horses with screens in their flanks.

Called Pegasi, the brightly-coloured metal structures were designed for an exhibition at the Polish National Library in Warsaw, where each screen was used to display artwork.

They have now been modified and put out to pasture in a Warsaw square, as a public installation.

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Here's some text from Konarska-Konarski:


THE PEGASI have been created as a main feature of an exhibition entitled: 'Norwid-Herbert. Mediterranean inspirations' organised by the Polish National Library.

They were used as a medium for multimedia presentation of artwork.

After the show The Pegasi, slightly modified, have been moved to Krasinski Square, Warsaw, as an independent installation in a public space.

The project is featured in a new film promoting Warsaw as a candidate for the European city of Culture 2016, directed by Agnieszka Holland and Magdalena Lazarkiewicz.

Material used: colour-coated metal sheet

designers: Beata Konarska, Pawel Konarski


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  • Capstick

    Sometimes a good idea is just that: an idea.

  • bahahaha! I love it. They’re like a child’s drawing come to life. Silly and droll.

  • ^ I ^ tons of imagination which prof it playfully here on earth. LOVE it*