United Nude Flagship store by Rem D Koolhaas


Architect Rem D Koolhaas has completed the interior of a new flagship store in Amsterdam for his shoe brand.

Called United Nude, the brand was founded by Koolhaas with shoe manufacturer Galahad JD Clark.

Shoes are displayed inside back-lit recesses in an undulating wall, which continuously changes colour.

Others are presented in glass cases on wooden plinths, or positioned along wooden steps.

The store opened last week.

Here's some text from United Nude:


United Nude Opens a new Amsterdam flagship store

A new milestone for the architectural shoe brand United Nude, a brand founded by architect Rem D Koolhaas and Galahad JD Clark opens a flagship store in Amsterdam on October 22, 2009. Located in the prestigious city center address of Spuistraat 125, United Nude presents their concept, the Wall of Light™.

United Nude is distributed in over 300 points of sale worldwide in over 30 territories. Up next for the brand in early 2010, are flagship stores in Shanghai and New York.

The Store Concept

From injection moulded shoes to high-end carbon fiber heels, United Nude is a brand founded on conceptual design, elegance and innovation.

The characteristics of the brands products and DNA are also evident in the interior design of the flagship store, designed by brand Creative Director and architect Rem D Koolhaas.

The store is a “dark-shop” concept which means the store is completely dark in all areas other than those where the products are showcased and literally highlighted.

The most important and prominent element of the store design is the Wall of Light™, a computer-controlled LED wall which displays the United Nude products as a work of art encapsulated in geometric frames.

At the store opening in his hometown of Amsterdam, Creative Director Rem D Koolhaas reflected on the completion of the store design by saying “This opening is one of the proudest moments of United Nude this far. It completes the representation of the brand..”

Open seven days a week, the United Nude store is adjacent to Dam Square behind Magna Plaza.

United Nude - Spuistraat 125A - Amsterdam

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  • shreyank

    who’s Rem ‘D’ Koolhaas?

  • xmmot

    “If you want to earn money, drive a cap, sell shoes but don’t become an architect”, with this quote my architecture education started. Terrible or? Happened at UT Vienna almost a decade ago an Mr. W. keeps on saying it!

    And look- there are people like Rem D. K. who sell shoes and produce architecture. Don´t know if someone told him that as well but HEY: forget it! Sell your shoes or be an architect but not BOTH.

    MR. Shoe

  • Marcus Des

    I like it… as a nightclub!
    No way are you going to see what your new shoes will look like under other circumstances than when clubbin’! Too dark for any kind of shop.

  • Raul

    but he is not the same person…he is the Nephew of the OMA’s Rem Koolhaas…..but O agree with u…..and I suggest u to search for zaha hadid’s shoes and give the same comment…. ;)

  • RF

    Rem D. Koolhaas is OMA’s Koolhaas’ nephew and he is a awesomely cool shoe designner… Check out their website ! :)

  • aeolus

    I thought it all daft initially until I checked their web site and saw their very attractive collection: it was a pleasure to scroll though the many, many exotic offerings. As for the shop: what one would expect from Rem D.

  • bibo architect

    I am Norman V. Foster!

  • deaw

    wow i thought that was a joke but he is exist. i dont know much about the girls’ shoes design but the Ultra Mobius and some other collections are kinda cool.
    anyway,i’ve been to a shoes’ retail that has this sort of super glare lighting behind and found that that was quite hard to see the shoes(but it looks cool).. and that would kill the eyes. (well, i think the girls don’t care much about this issue right?).

  • pero

    very impressive…maby lil to dark but i like it. and all those shoes:)

  • confused

    you’d think an architect who was into shoes would realize that they’re never lit from the bottom in real life, and that only lighting them with the shelves they sit on actually makes it impossible to see the rest of the shoe– the part that everyone else will see on the top of your foot.

    dear fellow architects: sometimes there’s a reason that conventions exist. i know they’re beneath you, but please please use common sense.

  • Heather

    I’m a huge fan of United Nude shoes and now, after checking out the pictures of the incredibly designed Amsterdam store, also of Mr. Koolhaas (the younger) architectural design.

    Seems like some of the early comments were from jokesters. Would be curious to see what other, more serious people, have to say…

  • CROFTdesign

    this is not the same person as Rem Koolhaas founder of OMA, AMO.

    Rem D. Koolhaas is this guy::


  • Franco

    Pure boy, never gonna be the real one…

  • thierry

    i think the store is a bit too dark, especially the first photo. Maybe that’s what Mr. Koolhas wants, to feel the shoes without the first sight.

  • deaw

    chill out..don’t get me wrong. it’s just some sort of past experience. there’s a lot of lady shoes stores in this world and of course they use difference way of lighting design. didn’t mean this one is that bad.

  • donny

    i was there, this shop is AMAZING!!! It pretty looks good on the pictures, but in real life it is the bomb!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if this will become one of the next important / big brands. I bought 2 pairs.

  • Abiga

    I was also at this store and its incredible – i only bought 1 pair (the shoes are not cheap!)

    Anyhow, the lighting in the pictures is kind of exaggerated and shows the effect of the display. for shopping the lights are not this crazy and it was an enjoyable store with good staff and a lot of shoes…. so hard to choose. so I will be back again!

  • anouk

    This shop you must see! Exactly what Amsterdam needed. I Love United Nude, I’m soo happy :)

  • eddie

    I can’t believe how lame some of the comments are. Shame on you for being such haters.
    I was at this store and it is a great store! Well done United Nude, I love it!!!

  • Sarajevo Shoepleasure

    The shoes are IT for a grab! They are creative, comfortable, durable, high quality, fantastic image United Nude so far has gained and I keep finders crossed for the whole team to keep it up this way!

    I hope we will have similar shoe store in Sarajevo!! Very best and you ROCK!!!

  • Sean Royce

    I’m no pro, but this totally reminds me of the Prada NYC flagship store and the concept SF store done by THE Rem Koolhaas. The wooden stair display is very similar to the ‘Wave’ in the NYC store and the unusual lighting looks a lot like the SF concepts. Anyone else think this?

  • umm…i dunno if its just me…..but seeing the shop and shoes in lit cubicles with bright colors makes my eyes hurt….a great nightclub…but i doubt if id actually go in to buy shoes.

    Great design tho!

  • Jedi Knight

    my eyes don’t hurt – my eyes are in love! Some of you people are stupid! This is great/revolutionary new store design. Appreciate the design. Isn’t that what DEZEEN is all about?

  • Mike

    Sean, just so you know it, Rem D was the one that came up with the idea for the wave at Prada NYC store for OMA while working there. So maybe you are no pro at that, but perhaps are one at being a playahata!