Furà Lamp by Studio06


Italian designers Studio06 have created a pendant lamp inspired by light penetrating underground caves.

Called Furà, the lamp has a smooth outer surface and a wavy, ridged interior.

It is produced by Italian manufacturers Biffi luce and comes in black or white.

Here's a tiny bit of text from the designers:


Furà (the suspension lamp) makes an amazing ambient, it symbolizes light that filters through the rocks. A new perfectly smooth and polished finish gives elegance to this lamp.

Designer: Studio06 (Roberto Guadrini, Massimo Guglielmotto, Paolo Mattiolo)
Title of design: FURA'
Award: 1st prize at Biffi luce design competition
Manufacturer: Biffi luce S.r.l, Italy

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  • Hol

    2nd image is simply amazing!

  • stunning design!

  • love the ‘inspiration image’ …a beam of light coming through the rock face…beautiful!

  • Incredible how such simple ideas get to impress so much! Absolutely beautiful!

  • thanks to marcel wanders and emmanuel babled …

  • Agreed. I like how the contours on the 2nd image are smooth and rounded, but on other views they are hard, layered edges…

  • LK

    well… im seeing too many similarities to this one to call it amazing and stunning: http://www.dailyicon.net/magazine/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/cancan01dailyicon.jpg

  • Now this is unique. At last a fresh idea. Very well developed and and produced. A pl;esaure to see the result.

  • what I like abut this lamp is that the exterior is so subtle, that you could put a bunch of them over a bar say, without them being imposing.
    However the interior is beutiful and surprising, and deals with the light in a superb way. Also looks fairly simple to manufacture. I like it.

    And it is a lot stronger than that example you showed us LK, theres an idea here, and it doesn’t imitate what you showed, I dont think so.