Monte St Angelo Subway Station by
Amanda Levete Architects and Anish Kapoor


Construction has begun on a subway station in Naples, Italy, designed by London studio Amanda Levete Architects and artist Anish Kapoor.

Called Monte St Angelo Subway Station, the project was inspired by a network of unfinished tunnels.

It will have two entrances - one made of Corten steel that will appear to have been pulled up from the ground, and another made of aluminium that will appear to sink into the earth.

Photographs are by Peppe Testa.

Here's some more information from Amanda Levete Architects:


Construction begins on Naples subway station

Monte St Angelo Subway station in Naples, a project in collaboration with Anish Kapoor is now on site. The brief from the City of Naples, to create a fully-functioning tube station that is in itself a work of art, demanded a synthesis of purpose and beauty that was fundamental to our creative process. A second primary point of inspiration was the site. At the surface the station will be the central element in the urban and cultural regeneration of the Traiano district that has suffered in its recent history from infrastructural isolation and neglect.

Simultaneously the network of tunnels and vaults designed and subsequently abandoned midway through a previous tube station project, describes an underworld barely tangible in the gleaming and sanitary underground spaces of contemporary subway projects. In the shadow of Vesuvius and embedded in layers of early civilisation, these dark and brutal concrete shells have been inspirational to our formal and material approach.

We began the process by stretching and moulding plasticine forms, synthesising the primary access requirements within and around the existing negative volumes. As layers of programme were introduced, the eternal tension between form and function was worked through while preserving the singular purpose and integrity of the forms.

The two entrances to the subway are a response to their particular urban condition. With the backdrop of a mountain the Universita entrance in Corten steel appears to have been pulled from the underground to create a dramatic, powerful and almost primal form. The Triano entrance is a typical urban condition bordered by medium rise residential buildings. Here the more refined aluminium form appears almost impossibly supported as it slips into the void below.

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  • angry catalan

    This is the single worst thing I’ve ever seen in Dezeen.
    Oh, no, it isn’t. The prize goes to those who think that pointing out a building looks like a vagina means that you’re a “misogynist”.

  • trafficwarden

    first things first *SIGH* did anyone stop to think that the form is intentional – maybe, just maybe if you take it as a given that the designers wanted it to look that way you could begin to discuss it beyond 13 year old boy terms. Me am dead keen to see how corten would look in this structural form – anyone who has seen the metal and Kapoor’s use of it would know the roughness is awesome.

    Johnny b –
    As far as im concirned any project concieved of before their split has Jan written all over it with (at best) a foot note by amanda.
    how could YOU possibly know the relationship between the two partners of Future Systems – were you there in the office day-to-day? if you read anything they both said they were basically two separate offices for four or five years before the split. Any projects that levete has now were hers before the split and any projects jan had is supposed to stay with his legacy – indeed the phallic may have turned vaginal, would be cool to see if the trend takes hold
    gossip is too easy, get educated man.

  • Sam

    I cannot wait until I can see photos of the finished result. Looks like a very exciting design at this stage!!!!

  • edu

    Big vagina!? bad results for rorschach test, guilty

  • Johnny b

    Traffic boy… lets just say i have a very reliable source

  • Pierre Sinsua

    someone should capture this image from an aeropane when its done. as far as styling goes, judging from the images presented, it is absolutely devastating. it is just disgusting, the only cool bit is the elevated section or entrance

  • Bob

    I like it! Anyone who is familar with Anish Kapoor’s work know that the vulva symbol is his main stay.

  • trafficwarden

    Johnny b
    1. am not a boy
    2. as do i

    Johnny b Says:
    November 26th, 2009 at 3:36 pm
    Traffic boy… lets just say i have a very reliable source

  • Olivier

    I really have to say that I never laughed that much about a dezeen post. All these comments are simply hilarious!! Especially the ones that accuse others of being misogynist ! I just cried ! So ridiculous ! Keep posting all of you ! Wow !

  • maria

    Amazing organic femininity merging into the landscape!

    Take that Obelisks!
    : )

  • maria

    Why are so people in opposition to such a beautiful shape and take with no objection whatsoever al phallic buildings?!

    Very narrow minded ideas will just die with their very narrow minded authors!

  • Joyce Carter

    Beautiful and phallic buildings? Merging into note-narrowing landscape.

    • Anish Fan

      Maybe it’s time for building to make sex…