Inside Urban by The Emotion Lab


New Barcelona design studio The Emotion Lab have designed a collection of furniture inspired by street furniture, including this lamp modeled on the mirrors that allow motorists to see around corners.

Called Inside Urban, the range includes a coat hanger inspired by an antenna, a room divider that resembles a traffic barrier and shelving intended to look like scaffolding.

Above: Mirror light. Convex mirrors wait for you on many a street corner. You don’t have to be superman to see around corners. The Emotion Lab has created a playful, ambient light which amplifies room space and gives a fresh perspective to all its viewers.

The Emotion Lab includes designers Tom Allen, Marta Falcón, Christian Vivanco and Yago Rodríguez.

Above and below: Antenna hanger. Look up! Antennas embrace the skies of most cities, picking up signals sent from afar. They’re a classic icon of the urban jungle and now they can embrace your homes too. Stick your coats on the removable hangers or hang up your scarf, hat or umbrella. It’ll transmit a welcome signal when you arrive home.

Here's some text from the designers. Captions are provided by The Emotion Lab:


Inside Urban Collection

Wander through the streets of a city. Look closely. Did you spot the purely functional objects which help us, guide us and warn us of danger?

These objects of the urban landscape do their job usually without getting noticed.

The Emotion Lab has adopted these objects belonging to the city and made them personal.

Above and below: Scaffold shelving. Scaffolding. It seems to cover half of the world’s landmarks! Drawing inspiration from these mobile constructions, some innovative floor to ceiling storage has been designed. It’s adaptable, adjusts to your needs and makes the most of the ever-decreasing home space.

We’ve analysed their function and adapted these designs by optimising for private spaces.

We’ve found new uses in common materials and shapes.

Inspiration was found in the streets of many cities like Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris and London.

We only have to look out the window of our studio to find a sky full of antennas, streets full of stencils and the daily grind of urban life.

It’s this essence of urban living which has been conveyed throughout the collection, inviting users to submerge themselves in their often unnoticed environment.

It’s a reflection of what it is to live within the hustle and bustle of city life.

Above: Room Cone. Road cones or ‘witches hats’ are always communicating with the people around them – ‘don’t step here’, ‘walk that way’, ‘be careful’. They sweat urban energy. Room cones can be used as an ambient light source, even in windy conditions. Arrange some nibbles around the base during parties, or store your keys when you get home.

The Emotion Lab is a passionate industrial design studio formed by four up and coming designers from three distinct continents.

Tom Allen (Australia)
Marta Falcón (Spain)
Yago Rodríguez (Spain)
Christian Vivanco (México)

With our unique multicultural perspective stemming from such diverse experiences, traditions and approaches, we offer a simple, honest and functional approach to design, centred on the generation of rich, lasting emotions. Our ideas respond to a deep observation of human behaviour and as a result we find solutions based on the present and future emotional needs of the user.

We study intangible links and continue investigating until we find tangible solutions which improve the interaction and discourse between objects, brands and people. Our objective is to make responsible proposals for our society, without losing the emotive aspect; searching for hope and solutions which point towards a better future. Creating meaningful, emotive experiences is vital for the success of a companies' products and services; for products which only satisfy usable, intuitive and functional considerations are no longer sufficient.

More than designing objects, we want to generate and provoke emotions and experiences which you will never forget. We share our fruits in order to provide an innovative future design vision. We are The Emotion Lab.

“…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

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  • Niek

    So nice to see some fresh ideas! great concepts guys! keep it up!

  • Anna

    Some of the pieces are really cool. Nice.

  • Maria

    I really like this collection. I think that too often designers bypass the emotional element within design, but these guys have done a good job of telling a great story here, which in effect should lead to some nice user experiences. Well done. Keep the designs coming.

  • The “antenna hanger” is my favorite.

  • Pau Meza

    We sometimes go for having inside our homes and office spaces objects that differ from the urban ones outside, like those orange cones, or antennas…
    Why make war with that, though?
    These are great ideas for mixing the things outside our rooms with the ambient inside them.

    I loved the road cone.
    And also, I am super excited that México is represented in this designer team.
    I am studying industrial/product design…and hope to step up for México soon, too.

  • So much talent in BCN. Bravo.

  • is emotion lab a reference to “emotional design” by Don Normann?

  • a very interesting post in a french blog: a comparaison between spanish Emotion lab collective and norvegian designer Daniel Rybbaken ( use google translate)

  • Very simple and clean, beautiful designs. Well done.

  • juan

    A esto se le llama frescura en el diseño

  • @ Pau Meza, collective design is trendy
    All the designers are based in Barcelona… but not under the same roof as Okay studio in London and A1 collective in Bruxelles
    It’s based on a story telling to add value to readymade or detournement techniques of creation but may be far from emotional design as explained by Don Normann…

  • emotional design as explained by Don Normann…in video

  • see the mirror light by french collective 5, 5 designers …(grant for proto by VIA, association for promotion on innovation in design)

  • see mirror lamp Light up by Matali Crasset for Deknudt Decora

  • Twisted

    mmm… even when all of them are completely different, i prefer this one. as a collection as well.

  • Is Lamp + mirror = multifunctionnal ?

  • Multifunctionnal ? which fonction?
    The precise question is where do you need to place a convex mirror “which amplifies room space and gives a fresh perspective to all its viewers”….Is Sebastian Wrong right with a convex mirror for Established and sons inspired by car mirror fixed on wall or is The Emotion Lab’s ambient light, the right answer ?……..isit a table lamp or a floor lamp?

  • see also Pierre favresse’s floor lamp (he is now in Lehanneur team) inspired by cars ?

  • Miles

    Love the simplicity, the colours and the tie into urban objects, but above all it’s their practicality which really appeals the most. Well done, I wish you all the best and I look forward to seeing more of your work, you deserve to succeed.

  • Forget street furniture , precise the concept of mirror light : study historical use of convex mirror in Northern Europe and study convex optical precisely…

  • deeep in history of design legend: Verner Panton design a spy light in 1971