Performa Hub by nOffice



Berlin architects nOffice designed Performa Hub, a venue for the Performa 09 biennial held in New York earlier this month.


The space, located on the ground floor of the new Cooper Union building designed by Morphosis, consists of a giant plywood wall that wraps around three sides of the space.


Set into the wall are elements of programme including shelving, storage, a bookshop and an office.


One end of the space features a steep tier of plywood seating for performance audiences.


nOffice consists of partners Markus Miessen, Magnus Nilsson and Ralf Pflugfelder.


See our earlier story about the Morphosis' Cooper Union building.


Here's some text from nOffice:


Performa Hub, designed by the Berlin-based architectural practice nOffice (partners Markus Miessen, Magnus Nilsson, Ralf Pflugfelder), unites the necessity of a central meeting point for Performa Biennial New York as well as nOffice's ongoing interest in archives and how to record and store content and programme spatially.


The specially designed Performa Hub introduces a space in which a vast single wall becomes a container and shelving unit for a variety of Performa associated programmes, such as a screening space, a lecture hall, an office space, a bookshop, an interview booth and a lounge.


All content is archived within the wall and can be activated by opening up specific deep sections of the wall.


Further working on the wall’s inhabitable potential, the architects went on a day's walk along the entire territory that the Berlin wall used to span.


The evidence of this walk is on show in the Hub's screening space.




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  • Rob

    All that wood and no ramp. :-(

  • Karl

    The Cooper Union security guards will attest that there are enough ramps on this building already.

  • Not thrilled with this. The functionality of it is well thought out and executed but, maybe I’m expecting too much but it looks like a work in progress. I think the medium was poorly chosen unless the idea was for it to be uber cheap and temporary.

  • scruces


  • Ben

    Figures the architects are from Berlin. This construction reminds me of the U8.

  • Nacho

    i think the basic render looks better than the actual place…

  • Markus

    I think it's great! Love the make shift character of the construction and am a big fan of cheap but sexy spruce ply.