T-Magi by WE architecture


Copenhagen studio WE architecture have completed the interior of a tea shop in Copenhagen, Denmark, which features an image of a teapot picked out in back-lit perforations on the counter and shelves.

Called T-Magi, the store has one wall covered in glass flasks with cork stoppers.

These contain samples of tea so that customers can smell the different varieties.

Photographs are copyright Enok Holsegard.

Here's some more text from WE architecture:


WE architecture has designed a new exclusive Tea shop in Copenhagen.

T-Magi is the new Danish tea store for the exclusive French tea brand, Mariage Freres.

T-Magi is designed to work as a large display for all the fine tea products of Mariage Frères.

Tiny holes in different sizes are perforating the shelves in the back wall.

The holes provide a large 3 dimensional image of a teapot.

In the evening, the Teapot glows in the dark, attracting people’s attention.

Seen from the street the whole teapot shows.

As you move closer and around in the shop, the teapot will distort into smaller light fragments.

In the shop WE has designed a scents wall, where all the 40 different tea varieties is exhibited in small glass flasks, so the customers can smell their way to his or hers favorite tea.

T-Magi sells green, red, white and black tea, stimulating both eye and smell senses.

The simple and elegant design, is highlighting the exclusive colorful products of mariage frères.

Assignment: Private client
Type: Tea Shop
Client: Jette Ronøe
Place: Copenhagen, Denmark
Status: finished
Team: Julie Schmidt-Nielsen. Marc Jay, Jenny Selldén, Linda Vendsalu

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  • dalstonrosi

    Beautiful. Will defnitely pop in on my next trip to Copenhagen.

  • CMB


  • R

    Subtle but with a very attention grabbing effect and beautifully executed. Very nice!

  • Hilmar Þór

    Men hvad med Percks Tehandel overfor Cafe Sommersko?

    Den er med meget mere og dypere kultur.

  • Hilmar Þór

    Yes, But what about Perch´s teashop close to Cafe Sommersko.

    That one has more and deeper roots than this trendy one.

  • lior

    Fresh, young, beautiful, simple and great concept…what else can I say

  • norm

    very clever and effective. well done.

  • Teo

    Ain’t perspective a b***h?
    I like the clean and trendy design :)

  • This is the ultimate zen tea shop. There is no better use of the space. The white somehow captures the texture of tea and tea making objects without being sterile. This is partly executed by a unique use of the perforated panels – smell concept is fun – perhaps they can introduce scratch and sniff containers as well. The space is utterly inspiring by capturing the essence of tea ceremony and ritual as art – while providing a chic display venue in such a mircoscopic space. This is a fantastic solution.

  • cahrming espace! clever and clean. great idea!

  • Krispi

    Does anybody know the right address of this tea shop? I want to see it in person, but I don’t have the information of its whereabouts… I will travel in Copenhagen in the beginning of the December.

  • mj

    the adress is
    strandvejen 149
    just north of Copenhagen center

  • Hey this is certainly my cup of tea…sorry. Looks excellent, would love to visit.