I was a teenager in the... by Fandango Projects


Parisian art collective Fandango Projects have created an installation for surf brand Quiksilver that reconstructs teenagers' bedrooms from different decades.

Above photograph is by Ducasse/Quiksilver

Called I was a teenager in the... the project was installed as part of a show by skateboarder Tony Hawk at the Le Grand Palais in Paris last week.

Photographs are by Chi Chi Menendez unless stated otherwise.

Above photograph is by Will Bailey/Quiksilver

Here's some text from Fandango Projects:


The exhibition was called "I WAS A TEENAGER IN THE..." an interactive installation aiming to tell the 40 year history of Quiksilver through the eyes of a teenager, nostalgia and time travel.

Above photograph is by Will Bailey/Quiksilver

FANDANGO PROJECTS was born this year in July as an anti crisis movemen.

We are an art an design collective in Paris- includes young designers NOCC, graphic artists Substance as well as photographers (Ami Sioux shoots ID, Dazed, Vogue UK) and stylist Hannah Buhyia and clothes designers such as Theodora from Paris.

Its a collective that specialises in creative concepts and serves as a consulting platform for everything from events, to interior design and more.

Above photograph is by Ducasse/Quiksilver

Above photograph is by Will Bailey/Quiksilver

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  • the grand palais is a bit crap actually. you can read about Wursa the miraculous elephant they had last year here.

  • Menendez

    Hi Jack. I think you are confusing Le Grand Palais with the Palais de Tokyo . Le Grand Palais is one of the most spectacular exhibition venues in Paris. You can view it here.

  • John

    This is great! Aside from upgrading to adult furniture, this is what my house looks like. Surfboards and Skateboards on every wall!! My wife must love me…

  • These rooms are slick, but the 80’s room needs a Simon.

  • awesome !!!!

  • d’oh. thanks for the correction Menendez.