By a Thread by Dominic Wilcox


London designer Dominic Wilcox has spent 75 hours wrapping multi-coloured cotton thread around five walking sticks, which are on show at the YCN gallery in London.

The threads are transferred from spools and wound tightly round the sticks by hand to produce a fabric-like covering.

The canes are on show as part of a Christmas shop at the gallery called My Two Front Teeth, which continues until 23 December.

Here's some text from Dominic Wilcox:


Cotton thread is wound onto a wooden walking cane, one spool at a time. The thread is methodically wound tightly together to give the strength and finish of a fine material.Each cane is completely random from the others due to the making process of choosing each new colour one at a time. The process takes approximately fifteen hours in total. Each stick is signed and dated by Dominic Wilcox.

I always have enjoyed the concept of giving an object a second skin. The process of wrapping using a string, rope or thread in order to create a 3 dimensional shape was in my mind for a couple of months. I chose a walking cane partly because it is an object much overlooked by designers, perhaps it is seen as unfashionable or having negative connotations by some. I wanted to change that in this cane and make something that was confident and not embarrassed of its own existence.

I love the simple shape and curve of the bent wood which I think is highlighted by the thread. I do find that a great deal of my work requires some sort of obsessional behaviour. The process of wrapping the cane takes concentration and patience and I found it cleared my mind of all the stresses of everyday thoughts, which is a very good thing!

My Two Front Teeth - A Christmas Shop from YCN at 72 Rivington Street

From the 1st to the 23rd December YCN will be presenting a very special Christmas shop in the ground floor at 72 Rivington Street.

Billed as My Two Front Teeth, and produced in partnership with Jiggery Pokery, the festive store will present a plethora of specially commissioned gift items contributed by a host of creative collaborators.

Contributions include Dominic Wilcox’s cotton styled walking canes, Saskia Pomeroy’s glow in the dark lunar calendars, Henrietta Swift’s ‘lighten the mood’ sticker sets and a family of wreaths by Hattie Newman. Personally curated stockings will also be on offer; hand-made by the likes of Fred Butler, Donna Wilson, SHOWstudio and Mother among others.

Hundreds of christmas cards have been personally illustrated by artists internationally and newly screenprinted wrapping paper will also be on offer. London based illustrator Valero Doval has been commissioned to create a pack of ‘Christmas Pets’ cards to extend his brilliant Circus Pets family of embellished found postcards produced earlier in the year.

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  • Xit

    The ‘wicker basket weavers’ out there will love this one.

  • Shanglo_Sha

    cute, but w/out overblown rhetoric i don’t see how people should really take special note of this. nice looking object tho’

  • ijnx

    how old is he?

  • DrewDrew

    75 hours? If only I could make bank off of something this stupid. Stupid in the most intelligent sense of the word. I’m probably going to have my secretary purchase one of these for my 85th birthday. I would still be working at that age because I’m an architect. The thread offers a nice texture, I wonder how long they will last. What if it unraveled while you were walking “Damn that pink thread section, always getting caught!” Fashionista pimping.

  • harry

    poor guy…

  • Z

    it should be in red and white, and come in an overblown pair of socks.

  • pauto

    Dominic is a cool cat and his work puts a smile on many of us. Love it.

  • N

    why don’t he get a lige?

  • kaptnk


    Yes. yes it should.
    I don’t really get it otherwise.

  • Love this idea

  • xtiaan

    well there is 75 hours of his life he will never get back.
    I seriously doubt thr practicality of these.
    they look pretty but I imagine them getting really dirty really quickly

  • Jamie

    Another beautiful work by Wilcox. worth every minute.

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