Barbie by Comme des Garçons


Fashion designer Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons has designed an outfit for fashion doll Barbie.

Produced in a limited edition, the doll is clothed in a print called Jingle Flowers, which was designed by Kawakubo as Comme des Garçons' Christmas theme.

Here's some information from Comme des Garçons store Dover Street Market:


Rei Kawakubo dresses Barbie


For the very first time, Barbie is dressed by Rei Kawakubo, and forms part of Jingle Flowers, Comme des Garçons' new nonsense theme for the Xmas holidays. Wearing a sleeveless silk-lined floral dress in the Jingle Flowers photo-style print graphic, which features a full asymmetric-cut skirt that stands away from the body, this limited edition Barbie forms part of the Barbie Collector Platinum Label Collection, and comes in its own box featuring the Jingle Flowers print, and display stand.

Launched in Tokyo last week, Barbie by Comme des Garçons was the very first Jingle Flowers product to sell out, and this week it arrives in all other Comme des Garçons direct shops, including London's Dover Street Market, where it is on sale for £225.

The Jingle Flowers floral pattern makes sweet holiday season noise all over limited edition Comme des Garçons products, including: wallets, Tees, DSM flower bottle perfume, Artek chairs, amongst many others - there's even snowballs!

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  • andrea

    mmm thank you for letting us know dezeen… how could I live without this essential design information…

  • m.B.

    @Andrea: fashion is design altought i think that we would live better without knowing it…
    Anyway in the name of fashion…THIS DOLL IS OUT!

  • g22

    looks like my grandma could’ve done a better job making a dress for barbie… the print is nice- but the cut is so blah… i do love barbie so i don’t mind hearing about her on here dezeen- but that dress is just quite horrid…

  • Commes des Garcon used to have quite the following here in Minneapolis. (A friend of mine used to host their trunk shows.)

    I think this is great. Bringing fashion “down to size” if you will.

    Well made, well designed, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be appreciated by the design community? (fashion that is)

  • Comme des Garçons Barbie ‘Puts-out’ 56% more than other Barbies, and smokes Vogue Slims afterwards

  • waldorf

    more could be done
    CdG’s deconstructed idealogy doesn;t seemed to be evidence in this work.

  • theo

    nice styling (on the hair)

  • Thank you for the compliment about the image g22 .
    The image is mine.
    You can view the original on my flickr a/c
    I’ve also received the Barbie and few of the other items as gifts .
    Thanks to Yoichi Imai:)

  • anon

    g22 – you clearly know nothing about fashion