Single Hand Watches by Defakto


Young German watch brand Defakto have launched a watch with only one hand.

Called Single Hand watches, the series is designed for people who are "not meticulous".

Customers can print out a PDF of the watch from the company's website if they want to try out wearing a paper version before committing.

Here's some more information from Defakto:


Defakto Single Hand Watches

Defakto is a young brand established at the beginning of the year 2009. We have made it our objektive to redefine the feeling of time by the creation of a mechanic single hand watch. Within this form the single hand principle is unique. We build place our confidence on understatement and stand for a new way of living in form of a relaxed feeling of time. Our central theme is to display time as simple as possible, but as exact as needed. Defakto builds watches for people with time whom are therefore not meticulous depended on knowing the exact time. We designed the watches for people which have achieved their own live´s rhythm in the fast moving time of today.

As the worlds first watchproducer we offer watches to print out. For this reason everyone can test the watch for free without any commitments.

42 mm watchcase
ETA 2824-2 mechanical movement
Luminous hand and dial
Sapphire crystal
Calfskin band
Waterresistant 50m
Made in Germany

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  • bodkin

    so its a normal watch with just an hour hand? woop de doo and a pat on the back to all the clever guys who thought that was a ground breaking idea

  • I Can Has Cheeseburger

    Oh I like the back!! How much is it retail at?

  • claudem

    nonsense! what about:
    a car with no wheels,
    house with no bedrooms,
    mobile phone with no connection,
    specs with no lenses,
    list could be infinite…go on pals add on…

  • Am I taking crazy pills!? Why would anyone want this? On the plus side it looks nice and it’s nice to see the automatic movement a la Oris.

  • clocking mad

    is this available as an app for the i-phone. i love these crazy ideas, gets us through the recession. the cost of a smile is high………….

  • Xit

    Good marketing /product spin on being ‘not meticulous’ , ‘Late’ & ‘Unprecise’ with good esthetics to boot.

  • Lord D

    How are you supposed to know when its “Chico Time”!?!?

  • vico

    brilliant idea !
    the hour hand is just so long to be precise
    you can read up to 5min precisely
    who has to be more punctual than 5 or 7 min but a train driver ?

  • when designers do this

    when designers do this it makes the rest of us look rather silly too. when will this torment end…………please stop. now. please.

  • I want one!

  • Matthias

    To all the critics above: single-hand watches have been a part of the history of watchmaking. They are less confusing, somewhat intriguing, and can give you a readout down to ~5 minute accuracy. This particular design is almost an exact copy of Hilfiker’s dial, so it’s far from being a revelation.
    It’s been proven that having a more accurate watch does not make a person more punctual.

  • slater

    on top of the watch being only slightly functional…who is going to print out the pdf watch to test out? I guess instead of pretending to know what time it is with the real thing, one will just have the same time all day with their styling paper version…

  • €345 for the steel model, €425 for the black model, for those of you who are wondering. Amazing what people will pay just to be hip.

  • Am I taking crazy pills!? Why would anyone want this? On the plus side it looks nice and it's nice to see the automatic movement a la Oris.

  • patrick

    strong and beautifully done > want one

  • the thick of it

    the back looks more interesting than the front

  • Jean

    I think each of the three fine lines between the long bold ones represent every 15 minutes of an hour. =/

  • Christa

    Hmm. I gave up wearing a watch years ago. It is a more minimalist way to achieve a casual relationship with time. Also, it gives me the occasional opportunity to engage strangers with precise time-telling equipment.

  • olly

    I quite like this- shows that one hand can be read accurately. If it were a plastic 50 quid watch i'd buy one.

  • 这是个美丽的设计

  • Dino

    How does dezeen constantly motivate sarcastic and unimaginative people to comment? It’s remarkable to see so many people who apparently have no willingness to use their imagination comment.

    Regarding this watch with one hand, this is not even close to a new idea but the Defakto team has presented it in a convincing way for practical usage. It’s clear that the wearer will be able to define which quarter of the hour they’re playing with, while the watch is warmly honest about being unable to specify whether it’s wearer is looking at 7:29 or 7:30. However after getting acquainted with the face of this Defakto model it’s obvious that the wearer will in fact be able to determine if they’re two minutes early or late.

    The responses to watch faces like this almost proves the relevance of those cliche watch industry slogans that remind us to believe each of us has a unique relationship with time. I guess we do.

  • Brett

    So surprised that so many missed the advantage and concept of the watch. Too quick to judge? I Ditto Dino. Maybe a few people are revamping their comments after actually thinking about the design or reading some explanatory, positive comments.

  • Somebody wanted 4:20 to last for a lil bit longer…great

  • BRian

    Where we are going there are no roads!

  • Amos

    Thank you Dino and Brett for saying what was needed to be said about the tiresome sarcastic, kneejerk kind of comments that so often appear……

    I’m not into really expensive watches at all, and whilst it might not be the first of its kind I do like this design for its look but more significantly for the way it is likely to subtlely shift the way you think about the passing of time during a day.

    I’m fairly certain that this type of shift in the design ubiquitous objects like watches and clocks does have an effect on our perception as users…..even if it takes a bit of ‘time’ to instil that change.

  • Box

    This watch will be a classic and also will appear in books… I want one.

  • Joshua

    “Sorry I am 15 minutes late!”

  • Phil

    I think it's awesome. I personally see no point any longer in all the complications on chronograph watches when we all have mobile phones with more accurate timers / stop watches / alarms than a mechanical wristwatch. All the chrono functions have become a style thing, this is a style towards the uncomplicated. If I want to know the time (in any format / zone) to the second I have my trusty iPhone, but most of the time When I look at my watch all I want to know is the time.
    There is even a model with no brand on the dial, which would make it suitable for either wrist.