Octium Jewelry shop by Jaime Hayón


Spanish designer Jaime Hayón has completed the interior of a jewellery shop in Kuwait.

Called Octium Jewelry, the shop is fitted out with lacquered wood, natural timbers, ceramic and long curtains.

Jewelery is displayed in cylindrical containers that seem to rise up for the surface of a table, or a display cabinet like a hollowed-out log.

More about Jaime Hayón in our special category.

Here's a little text from the designer:


Octium Jewelry

Octium, a new concept jewelry shop, opened its doors in October 2009.

Located in 360º mall in Kuwait, Octium presents the work of various exclusive jewelry designers from around the globe.

Hayon's design offers an innovative approach to an interior.

Most elements where custom designed for the project using contrasting finishes like glossy lacquered woods, natural oak, ceramic, luxurious fabrics...

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  • btplmr

    he is back.

  • Quite fantastic – what I imagine being aboard a futuristic luxury submarine from the 60s would be like

  • curb

    the main wooden case with the brass legs is horrible

  • horrible haridas

    this is beautiful!
    but like the rashids and newsons, i dread the day i shall get tired of jaime’s style and he shall fade from media and public attention.

  • BRian

    I like the central stalagmites/tite display case.

    The place is called Odium? In Portuguese we use a similar term “odio’ this means hate- I odiom this space especially the mirrors they look like some sort of retro Battlestar galactica/ Starship Troopers/ Posidon adventure thing,,,

    Jaime, love you. but eu odio este interior!

  • Cr

    Absolutely beautiful !

  • jhon helzer

    beautiful furniture ! so unique and elegant , love it .

  • I like the cartoonish quality in space.
    The thick carpet, curtain, cushions and all the rounded edges on furniture and wall openings make it feel so soft, comfortable and inviting. Beautiful!

  • Xit

    Funny you mention Newson horrible haridas, because this reminds me of a 90’s Newson bar eg Mash crossed with some Wanders baroque & a dusting of acid.

    Crazy mix that makes you eyes come out on stoppers, but not my cup of tea.

  • Sr_Chipicao

    Hooray for unlimited budgets!

  • joy lizer

    For me this is a fantastic interior, elegant ,unique and full of details .Sr Hayon my compliments !! you did it again , i am really sorry for who compares this to Mr Wanders interiors , they abviously dont get what good design is .

  • jamal

    I have been to Kuwait… lets just say I am doubtful that many wealthy Kuwaitis will fit into those little armed chairs…

    otherwise it is fantabulous

  • Tyler.

    rooooooooooooooooar. jaime you are !!!!king great


    finally, a designer with a sense of humor! brilliant.

  • shima

    i like the colors

  • i like all concept , specially jewellry display conter , with light for objects

  • huda

    Exactly fit with my style

  • charles sound

    anyone knows what are the golden lamps???

    maybe custom?? any idea please send an email to carloslopez.creative@gmail.com >>

    Thank you!!

  • love it. The golden lamps do look awesome. Those cylindrical display cases are stunning as well. I know that this store would do excellent business just because of this design. Very intriguing.