Multimedia Centre in Armentières
by Béal & Blanckaert


Belgian photographer Julien Lanoo has sent us his pictures of a library wrapped in metallic panels in Armentières, France, designed by French architects Béal & Blanckaert.

Called Multimedia Centre in Armentières, the project consists of a glazed ground floor and faceted, metallic second storey.

The interior is clad in wood.

Photographs are by Julien Lanoo.

Here's some text from the architects:


The Multimedia Centre in Armentières, France

Béal and Blanckaert, architects

The new Media Centre provides the city of Armentieres with a performant tool with regard to reading and new cultural media for the benefit of the public.

It fosters the urban reorganization and structuring of the area of the station.

This is one of the events of eminent importance that transcend an architectural act of the beginning of the XXI century.

The architects Béal and Blanckaert do not dissociate these three terms: culture, urbanity and architecture are in their view the major actors of the city.

Through the use of unifying materials, shining stainless steel in the roof and in façades and the wood in the interior underground of the buildings, and a strong formal presence, the architectural writing of Béal and Blanckaert is stated in terms of “narration” and expressionism convenient to a formal interpretation as opposed to every austerity that is too theoretical.

In a city composed of very closed islets, the Media Centre lets discern the interior gardens from the surrounding streets.


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  • I predict that Dezeen readers will love it.

  • Twitteresque

    The outside blends with its surroundings, yet the inside looks like heavy german timberwork?!

    outside- like| inside- wtf |

  • WOW!!!!

  • roman kralya

    i like it very much! Old red brick reflected in metallic panels is great!

  • Voici une belle réalisation qui montre bien que lorsque l’on se bat un peut en France, on peut réaliser de beaux batiments contemporain.
    Bravo !

  • Likes It.

    Likes it.

  • shreyank

    very very classy in material use… interesting sections… way too elite… !

  • Beautiful lines, I bet this looks even better in the flesh.

  • Martin

    Looks great on a cloudy day – reflecting an interesting dynamic sky.. but on a clear sunny winter day with a low sun? Retina searing.

  • kaptnk


    It’s fantastic building. really good library I’d love to go there to read books

  • Rob

    I have a hard time swallowing the fact that the exposed steel beams in the ceiling ‘holes’ were intentionally exposed. To me the building speaks of cladding not structure. Happy mistakes…oh embrace and post-rationalize them! “I promise, they weren’t oversights at all, it happens in geometrically complex buildings all the time.” I’d hate to be the sheetrock guy who had to mud around those beams.

  • meh

    the text is a wack attack. Right?

  • ste

    agree with rob… the building has its own “cladding-language”… wobbly metallic facade and very precise in wood details in the inside… then there are some structural parts visible which are really really annoying… why? cause of some design intention? guess not! architects tends to fight against structure instead of work with structure sometims…

  • Ernest

    exquisite…i love it

  • who value engineered the cheap looking aluminum cooking foil cladding? Interior and layout looks great, but the cladding? come on.. the exposed peek-a-boo doesn’t do justice and seems like an after-thought.