Notary office by Corona y P. Amaral


Here are a few photographs by architectural photographer Roland Halbe of an office in La Laguna, Tenerife.

Top and above images copyright Roland Halbe

The building was designed by architects Corona y P. Amaral of Tenerife.

Above image copyright Roland Halbe

Above image copyright Roland Halbe

Posted on Saturday December 12th 2009 at 9:23 am by Natasha Lyons. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • modular

    Only four pictures?

  • Samantha Leo

    The detailing between the old existing timber structure and the new steel & glass elements is clear yet sensitive. An easier manner would be to simply envelope and clad the existing timber structures with the steel & glass, but the architect has chosen a more challenging task of reversing the strategy thus allowing the glory of the existing architecture to be unhidden.

    A great piece of conservation architecture ! Well done !

  • stunning photography!

  • evakasakova

    Oh, I live in La Laguna and there are many more places worth to be published from Tenerife. Happy to see this nice project!

  • Nice, minimal and clean

  • wow, that's one beautiful office