Dark Side of the Moon by Martin Mostböck
for Vorwerk


Viennese designer Martin Mostböck has designed a rug inspired by the scarred surface of the moon.

Called Dark Side of the Moon, the carpet was designed for Vorwork and features laser cut craters.

Here's some more information from Martin Mostböck:


The moon, called Luna by the Romans, Selene and Artemis by the Greeks, has in other mythologies many other names. The moon has been known since prehistoric times, and after the sun, it is the second brightest object in the sky. As the moon revolves around the Earth once a month, is constantly changing the angle between the earth, the moon and the sun, we see that the cycles of the moon.

The moon, with its uneven, scarred surface is a conceptual approach to the project and at the same metaphor for the transferred to the flat surface perforation, in the textile surface patterns and exciting unusual Durchsichten possible.

A limited edition, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the moon landing (July 20, 1969).

Size: 200 cm, Vorwerk premium carpet, color: Antrazith, perforated, lasercut, signed & numbered (40 p.)

Posted on Wednesday December 16th 2009 at 12:11 pm by Natasha Lyons. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • modular

    Why not?

  • jeanpierre

    sometimes it’s so easy to be a designer…

  • Matthias

    My vacuum cleaner says: “yummy”

  • It would probably look OK hung on a wall, as a piece of decor. But as a rug it’s completely impractical, and whoever purchased such a thing would probably be cautioning guests NOT to walk on it for the price they probably paid.

  • David Hemy

    They put theirselves on a pedistal. (Designers, artists etc). Good work speaks for itself. Then again their not really to blame. Greed is ultimately the blame.

  • pacman

    they should make a rug with the leftover circles too….
    If not, i want my discount!

  • tulum

    a paradise for dust bunnies

  • TheRedTide

    I love how critical we all are, a lay person would just say “cool”. It takes a designer to really critique what we’re being shown.

  • Tyler.

    it’s because of truth, the dirt would love it undoubtly

  • Nathan

    excellent cat!