Restaurant Dos Palillos by Ronan and
Erwan Bouroullec


French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have completed a new restaurant for shoe brand Camper in Berlin, Germany.

Called Restaurant Dos Palillos, the project centres around one long wooden table facing the stainless steel kitchen.

The restaurant is on the ground floor of the Casa Camper Hotel and will open in January 2010.

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Here's some more information from the Bouroullec Brothers:


Camper invited us to design Dos Palillos, the restaurant of the Casa Camper Hotel in Berlin Mitte that will open in January 2010.

What immediately interested us was that Dos Palillos was a one of a kind culinary experience offered by Albert Raurich, elBulli’s former chef.

In order to celebrate his cuisine, the concept of the restaurant gives full means of expression to his culinary art.

Naturally, the kitchen had to be the centre of the space and thus, it had to be wide open so that guests could see the preparation of the dishes from the beginning to the end.

We have decided to articulate the environment around one long wooden table and the stainless steel kitchen, one module facing the other.

Consequently, the guests find themselves at the centre of the kitchen, while the chef acts in front of them.

It was important for us as well to set a dialogue between the 10 cooks and their nearly 30 guests, invited in the chef’s kitchen.

In order to emphasize such an interaction and encourage eye contact, we worked on different ground levels so that the guests are able to have a global experience once seated at the table, as if they were attending an artistic performance.

Throughout the project, our intention was to reduce our level of intervention to the utmost to let the scenery express itself. Indeed, the space is voluntarily raw with very few elements and materials to sustain the idea that the legitimate sense of the space comes from the relation between the guests and the cuisine.

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Casa Camper hotel. Large glass windows separate the space from the street in order to invite the people passing by to participate to the show that is happening in the kitchen.

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  • modular

    We love the Bouroullecs!

  • slater

    please don’t tell me that they ever showed that model to their clients. it looks like a 1st year’s, soon to be a business major work. The actual space on the other hand is quite nice.

  • c2

    Everyone wants to ba an architect

  • Ruth

    Looks like a hospital kanteen. specially the chairs – not my cup of tea

  • corner around the corner

    sorry, i need more photos in order to make a coment

  • Nathan

    I love the model, looked like an honest representation of a work in progress. Refreshing.

    Then again, these guys could do anything and I’d love it.

  • I love their style, products etc.., what to say?. just MASTERS

  • jed_

    “a new restaurant for shoe brand Camper ”

    what? why?

  • jed_

    the gold curtain is terrible to be honest and the whole thing looks about as inviting as a fridge.

    having said that, i quite like it.

  • Lisa

    I hope the food is good because nothing exciting is going on in that design

  • easyjig

    oh just perfect

  • Cpt. Poon

    Gold foil! Duuuuude. Who manufactures this?

  • Xit

    If the restaurant had a huge human hand holding the gold curtain ?, (as in the maquette photo) that would be something !

    But finally this is no more interesting than a 10 year old Wagamama interior.

  • just perfect.
    materials selection is great
    wonderful lighting

  • Flynn Talbot

    It looks good but the colour temperature of the lighting is too cold and the space is too bright.

    The lighting levels are very flat throughout the space. It would be good to see a bit more varitation of light and dark.

  • Damian

    that curtain reminds me of grilled chicken in foil. that’s where the golden color comes from…