R¿ng by Sruli Recht


Reykjavik designer Sruli Recht has designed a ring where three interchangeable rough diamonds can be screwed into it.

Called R¿ng, the jewellery consists of a Möbius strip tapped with a thread to receive each of the propeller-like claws that hold the diamonds.

See our earlier story about Sruli Recht's new flagship store in an abandoned fishery in Reykjavik.

Here's some more information from Sruli Recht:


r¿ng is SR118

r¿ng is a 10carat white gold Möbius band with a hand tapped 16gauge internal [female] thread to receive three uncut rough diamonds set individually into screw-in external thread-form propeller claws.

Housed in a hand painted box with threaded lid for safekeeping the 6.86 carat total weight over three different diamonds*. [Black 3.53ct / White 1.88ct / Yellow 1.44ct]

My love it came, my love it went...

So I plied and so I played
with brevity and breadth, I gauged with breath
and depth
and mined and moulded, and with my arms I then held it.
Three stones.

A big black rock. An average to large white rock. And a smaller yellow rock... The economy of desire was measurable but not immutable

And with all that was left, bent gold around each cleft,
was shaped band and claws from a propeller lent.
Till threaded and golden gleamed this ring thrice revolving.
[Threaded, that is, to keep her mindful of the stone and of me.]
boxed and placed and presented and requested...


So now, she chooses which stone to wear - one for work and one for stares. One for evenings and one for mournings. One for what ever she cares.
And now I too play this game of choice... to add another to the compliment of raw precious diamonds; rough to remind my nights before her, and rare as the days now empty.

Or, to take one away.


  • is produced in cooperation with the steady hand and mindful mind of This Charming Man's Edward Janssen http://www.thischarmingman.com.au/
  • has been shot in the macro world by Marnio Thorlacius http://marino.is/
  • is housed in a box made with Snorri Már Snorrason

The rough diamonds in this ring have been handled in accordance with the provisions of the Kimberly Process International Certification Scheme for Rough Diamonds. They are accompanied by a Kimberley Process Certificate with Relevant Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System.

The diamonds herein presented have been sourced from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict, and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. These diamonds are guaranteed conflict free based on personal knowledge and written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds, and that they are treatment free in any way or form.

Due to the unique nature of each diamond set, the claws may vary slightly. The thread are made with a precise watchmaker thread cutter which fix the setting to the ring so that it must be undone by hand and can´t unscrew itself.

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  • mohamad makouk

    i love it, would love to c my lover wearing that…

  • Love it! love everything about this project: collaboration between creatives, rough diamonds, change of stones, design simplicity… great project! congrats to all.

  • Interesting idea! As a designer I can imagine a sophisticated way to fix the three interchangeable rough diamonds more refined, instead of screwing them.. It is a bit “Déjà vu”. Anyway, the idea itself pleases me!

    Francois Beydoun

  • Beautiful elegant yet brutally ugly in equal measure!

  • Amanda

    Simplemente GENIAL!!!!!!!!

  • OZ

    The ring is nice, the actual attraction to me is the box.

  • K

    and what does it actually look like on someone’s hand i wonder?

  • Szuchi

    I don’t want to have to TELL people it’s a diamond. Plus, an uncut stone has very little value.

  • arthur

    Stones that big have value whether they are cut or not.
    The value here is that this doesn’t have the same cut and polished diamond as everyone other bride.

  • DaniELLA

    I like the idea, but anyway it doesnt seem to nice to look at it, it seems when you dont know what it is like a piece of stone. The rest is fine.

  • Dariusz

    an interesting idea, just too raw for me. The uncut diamond I like, but the ring itself is horrible. There hasn’t been much design put into it, so I’m not sure why it’s called design. Anyone with pliers could have come up with that. And I doubt there are too many rings like this that people will buy.. maybe children. Sorry.

  • Vic

    angry people.

  • ruwani rathnayaka

    superb…… interesting fixing and package. i really like to detachable thing

  • The usually "design" idea of projet. Banal ideas and lack of knowledge of specific technology. Attractive packaging for other products