Nude by Esther de Groot


Dutch designer Esther de Groot has created a collection of dolls that look like wrinkly old men.

Called Nude, the figures are made of stretchy Lycra fabric and have disproportionately long limbs.

The four characters are displayed suspended from nails by elastic bands in the backs of their heads.

Here's some more information from de Groot:



A series of handmade lycra characters, each with unique individual features.

Stripped of any additions to emphasise their nudity an imperfection. What's left is the material and its application.

Posture as well as a blank expression contribute to the overall feel of discomfort of each individual character.

20x20x12 cm

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  • I’m going to be seeing those nipples in my nightmares.

  • sene

    reminds me at louise bourgeoise’s sculptures:

  • modular

    Gross.. yet nicely made.

    But why is this featured on a design and architecture blog? Sorry, nothing against the work.

  • tweetertweet

    those nipples :-)

  • xtiaan

    so cute, they really need wrinkly old men genitalia just to cap it all off, brilliant!

  • Merry christmas!
    This is just what every child whats to cuddle up to.
    I love the detail in their saggy nipples.

  • james

    these are the most original and beautifully made dolls ive seen in a long time

  • Flynn Talbot

    I have to agree with Modular, I like them but I don’t think this belongs on DeZeen

  • Seton

    Loving it!
    I think its brilliant to see them here, shows creative open minded-ness from DeZeen, and breaks up the constant surge of the (over)designed.
    I think this blog can be used/ seen not only as an update of whats new, but also as a source of inspiration, to which I am sure for someone somewhere this fits the bill.
    Thumbs up to Esther and Dezeen.

  • roel

    @ Seton: 100% agree

  • Guido

    I agree with Seton.

  • very cool!! At first I didn’t see the old man’s face but after a while I got it :D very nice!! well done.