Fashion Font by Yvette Yang


Dutch designer Yvette Yang has created a typeface by combining images from fashion magazines.

Yang repeats the collage project, called Fashion Font, twice a year for each new fashion season.

See all the fonts created so far on the designer's website.

See also: Alfashion by Sophie Lepinoy.

Here's some text from Yvette Yang:


My name is Yvette Yang, a graphic designer and also a master student from St. Joost, the Netherlands.

I have been creating 'Fashion Font' for each season (twice per year) since 2007, and there are already 5 sets of Fashion Font in my collection now.

'Fashion Font' was designed with the images of fashion items from each different season, so as the archive piles up, whole font collection shows the fashion history as well.

Generally font is just a word or becomes a sentence or a paragraph when it’s added, so it delivers a story and a message. But font itself has no function of delivering messages without reading it.

I believe image is message. So I tried to make an Image Font which can be more imagery and more meaningful. So font can show messages without reading, without placing alphabetical order.

I collected imaged from fashion collection books and magazines, and did collage work. Collage which is Surrealism technique makes viewers to get more imagination and enriches their senses. Fashion is also visually very attractive, and makes viewers to dream of wearing in actually.

Clothes and wearable accessories have their own unique shapes, so it was a very interesting work to use these images on the collage. Some images were so amazingly turned out, more than my expectation, such as “M” and “V”.

As I used only 2007 fashion collection images, this font is truly showing the certain time of fashion trend. It will be a behind trend next year, and will be a history 10~20 years later. But it will be still saying “I am 2007 F/W” by its own style. That’s the message.

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  • Cr

    Strong concept to have a fashion related font that changes every season !

  • xtiaan

    this one makes a whole lot more sense both visually and conceptually than the other one that got posted

  • Ian

    Interesting. See also a related design by graphic designer Sophie Lepinoy:

  • portionspread

    pretty basic stuff. is it a usable font or ???

  • peeween

    totally copied from sophie lepinoy! though works better ;)

  • guisforyou

    insane…but maybe you have too much time in your hands!!! Ive got some stuff for you to do if your that bored. but original and convincing.

  • Two fashion fonts in as many months, its time i made one.

  • You know what I’m thinking about the letter ‘W’? :-0