Alfashion by Sophie Lepinoy

Graphic design student Sophie Lepinoy has created a typeface that incorporates silhouettes of shoes and accessories. 

Called Alfashion, the project is inspired by the game Cadavre Exquis, where a group of players add to a drawing one by one without knowing what has come before.

Here's some more information from Sophie Lepinoy:


Who said typography could not be sexy ?

When the elegance of typography meets the extravagance of fashion, it gives Alfashion.

Alfashion is a stiletto serif typeface inspired by the surrealist game "Exquisite Corpse" (Cadavre Exquis).

The game is played as a group of players, each player adding a piece to a design, one at a time. Each participant ignores what the others are adding to the design.

The combination of unexpected or mismatching shapes creates a new type of design, an hybrid of fashion and typography.

On me and my design: I am a graphic design student at London College of Communication.

I switched from a fashion design BA (at London College of Fashion) to a graphic design BA at LCC over a year ago.

The typeface emerged when tutor/typographer Marcus Leis Allion encouraged me to mix illustration and typography.

I was then also using the surrealist game "cadavre exquis" to uncover the power of systems in design.