E8 table by Mathias Hahn


London designer Mathias Hahn of Okay Studio has designed a wooden table where all surfaces except the top are coated in yellow lacquer.

Called E8, the table is long and narrow so that items used for working at the table can be pushed aside at meal times.

Long overhangs at both ends allow it to seat twelve people.

More about Mathias Hahn on Dezeen: Scantling lamps

Here's some more information from Hahn:


Title: E8

The E8 table is based on an observation of an impromptu composed piece of post war time furniture that ended up as a dining table.

The long and narrow format allows it to be used as an every-day work and kitchen table, where temporary items such as laptops or paperwork can easily sidestep during meal times.

With its overhangs it serves as a twelve person dining table.

Material: lacquered solid redwood

Posted on Wednesday January 13th 2010 at 4:07 pm by Chris Barnes. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • scetchy

    Matthias !!!
    I wish you the best for the “DESIGNPREIS DEUTSCHLAND 2010”
    Nice table. Reminds me of Broadway Market.

  • Lady C

    Hmmm, I like this. It’s such a simple consideration, though not completly new (ref. Naught One ), it’s one that is often over looked.
    The table being made entirely from wood is a good choice though i do wonder whether you considered using other less endangered species that could bring similar results.

    I don’t think yellow is the best colour to compliment the wood just because i think it adds a ‘playfulness’ that i don’t think is necessary, helpful or appealing. It’s a new year so let’s not be shy about using other tones in the spectrum.

  • Dale

    Genius. I want to make love to you on top of your beautiful table.

  • Okay, beautifully simple.

  • fritz

    ….very nice, only sit on it with green shoes…..I like it

  • Nice design. It should be manufactured of an other material, alumium in combination with solid wood, respecting construction principles, for example. Redwood “works” very much, as you can see by yourself on the pictures and it ist not very durable.

  • nataly timotheou

    LOVE IT!!! honestly… è molto leggero e inteligente! mi piace tanto!

    P.S: yellow is one of my favourite colors!

  • steve

    so what?? a table, partually painted… I would never have thought of that!

  • Rag

    All very well Steve (8:30) being sarcastic, but did you do it if you did think of it? Obviously not.

    Anyway, I think it’s quite nice. No, nothing massively new here. But I really do like the un-subtle radii everywhere.

  • bart

    very very sophisticated, even poetic work in the tradition of arts and crafts!
    had the same idea some time ago, so i must know! : )
    it combines pureness and simplicity of a significant colour and
    the warmness and truth of material while consciously resisting the common, epidemic threat to become overdesigned anonymous stuff
    or just another piece of irrelevant designcrap.
    soulful, charming and pretty human after all!

  • toodles


    ‘anonymous stuff’ is what we should all be aiming for.


  • toodles – I don’t think posting things on dezeen qualifies anything as ‘anonymous’….

    …. though it’s interesting – are you saying that so called ‘anonymous design’ has a very particular style? I think so…which really means it’s not anonymous – but wants people to know that the designer wants people to think they are a person who cares about ‘anonymous design’ – e.g. Muji is alllll about style – not ‘no style’ as they declare. A lot of high profile designers talk about ‘anonymous design’ like it’s a badge of honour… yet they go out there to tell everyone this (Jasper hands up). There are millions of ‘anonymous design’ designers out there… you just don’t hear about them.

    It’s a really nice table – the yellow reminds me of the plywood on construction sites stained yellow (in Europe) mixed with unprimed lumber – was this the idea? Totally not ‘anonymous’… has a nice familiarity without being too familiar.

  • anthony

    i think the yellow is the cherry on the cake! the table is simple but fun because of the painted color, i would TOTALLY buy it for that yellow!

  • I like the design: simple, elegant. Not feeling the yellow so much as I like how it was applied. It might work better with white instead.