Smoke by Bevk Perović Arhitekti


Slovenian architects Bevk Perović Arhitekti have launched a collection of floor lamps where the light resembles a puff of smoke.

Designed for Slovenian design brand Vertigo Bird, the lamps bases resemble buildings and vehicles.

There are four different designs for the collection, available in a variety of colours.

Each design features a Tyvek lantern floating above a welded metal house, car, factory or car park.

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Here's some text from the designer:


The Smoke collection is a series of floor lights based on scaled-down prototypical elements of suburbia – the factory, car, parking lot, and house – isolated from their natural context and transformed into iconic additions for the home or office, belching “smoke,” lighting spaces, and more.

Floor lamps are meant to light up living and working environments – to be useful and critical simultaneously – comment on our everyday lives, surrounded by pollution and consumption.

Their in-between scale (smaller than actual objects, but bigger than typical lamps) enables them to become centers of living rooms, iconic objects around which the domestic life of houses can revolve.

They are big enough to be used in both private and public spaces, and are able to function independently and be combined together in groups as small urban designs, emitting light through recyclable and easy-to-maintain Tyvek® “smoke” shapes.

They are a picture of our world transformed into a source of light, but also a source of happiness and joy, around which the rituals of life can take place.

Materials: computer-cut and welded metal, matte paint, machine washable Tyvek® diffuser, Velcro®

Colors: off-white, musty gray, dust blue, dirty yellow, olive drab

Posted on Tuesday January 19th 2010 at 5:58 am by Chris Barnes. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • I think it is so cool

  • its a pity that the color of the light would not go grey or something else.. this papery yellow color when it goes on gives it really cheap effect ..

    nice light – but i rather turn it off

  • Nice design of the lights.

  • oh …come on…. really??? smoke ??? …mmh… can’t see it…. all I see is a bag that turns yellowish when you switch on the light. No smoke!

  • guisforyou

    kick ass idea!!!! but the smoke effect was designed prematurely, albeit it follows the simplicity and playfulness of the lower objects, the smoke cloud, still seems unconvincing.

  • simonstar

    beautiful work slovenian colleagues. worth of getting one.

  • Julián

    Ridículo e Irresponsable. La contaminación no es un chiste.
    Una visión ingenua sobre el tema de la contaminación que producimos.

  • m

    …how exactly are they commenting on our everyday lives? and if they are, but i don’t get it, how are they solving it? by using up electricity that creates the smoke that they mock?
    this is a junior effort – and not even a good one!

  • Lord D

    Where’s the smoke?

    archimedialab – you beat me to it…. my sentiments exactly!

    Those gimmicky wall lights with fluttering fabric to simulate the flame are a better effect than this one!

  • I think it’s a good idea, but badly executed. It doesn’t look like smoke. However I quite like the idea reminding you about carbon emission every time you turn the light on. I reckon this is the parallel he’s trying to draw.

  • g

    at some moment this had so much potential, what a beautiful idea wasted