Moving Mondrian by Vladimír Ambroz


Czech company Amosdesign will present a Corian bookcase on wheels designed by architect Vladimír Ambroz at Maison & Objet in Paris later this week.

Called Moving Mondrian, the design features doors and drawers in primary colours that can be moved around within the white frame.

The text below is from Amosdesign:



Author, arch. Vladimír Ambroz presents his version of variation on P. Mondrian’s pictures, transformed static canvas of neoplasticism founder P. Mondrian after 90s into space dimension and movement.

Various formats of shelves, sizes, drawers, and movable colorful doors can hide whatever should be hidden and concurrently in each case you will have another paraphrase on this famous author.

The moving Mondrian library demonstrates that materials of Corian® (by DuPont™) type are not only kitchen surfaces.

The Moving Mondrian shows how distant things, such as painting canvas and furniture, are mutually closely interconnected by designer's idea.

Moving Mondrian was first introduced at this year’s Designblok in Prague in Superstudio Classic 7.

Design : Vladimír Ambroz
Manufacturer: AMOSDESIGN

Limited Edition

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  • matt

    waaaaaaaaaah, such a nice concept to use Mondrian as a reference…

  • JOhn

    and to put vertical beams on the CENTER axis …

  • kaptnk

    I really like this.

  • Lars

    Agree with Matt here. What did Mondrian have to do with it.
    Why not the flying Ambroz ?

  • Even without this curious name this piece of furniture is fascinating with its concept, practical value and elegance.

  • tridahl

    Lars, take a look at Mondrians art, his use og colour and form, and you will know the answer.

  • Moving Mondrian is fantastic, concept & function!

  • jj

    Unless this is going to be used as a secret door, I see little reason for it to have wheels. It’d be great in fact, if it didn’t have wheels, because then you could lean back against the slanted sides (assuming you’re able to) while flipping through a book.

  • Lars

    i am familiar with mondrians work, but this gesture holds no more value than an elvis impersonator.

  • Can't people think for themselves anymore? Instead of using a style someone else has developed, to give their own flimsy idea, some weight. How could you ever feel proud of something you've done, when it's core aesthetic was created by somebody else? The emotive depth is exchanged with a pretty poor function.
    Be inspired by Mondrian instead of diluting his name.
    The use of motion blur says a lot.