Reveal by Studiomama


London designer Nina Tolstrup of Studiomama has created a cabinet with hidden compartments made of reclaimed floorboards.

Called Reveal, the piece is pierced by boxes that form display shelves.

The front surface of the cabinet is divided into two doors, which open to reveal more boxes hidden within.

The negative space around the boxes can also be used for storage.

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Here's some text from Studiomama:


'Reveal' cabinet by Studiomama

Nina Tolstrup of Studiomama who produced a series of furniture and lighting made from discarded pallets has gone on to explore the possibilities of creating furniture using old floorboards.The approach of utilising reclaimed wood gives each piece a unique quality whilst highlightiing the character and beauty of the material.

The "Reveal' cabinet is a piece made from recycled floorboards, the simple form of the exterior contrast with the rough character of the planks from which it is made. There are cut outs that allows for storage and display. When opened the cabinet reveals a set of different size and proportion boxes. Both the boxes and the negative space between them can be used for storage.

The cabinet is made to order, price on request

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  • Chris

    Love it, perfect research applied to iconic design. Good work from Miss Nina.

  • vladeemeer

    very refreshing, remind me on old shelfs and has that retro spirit

  • hollow soul

    you can’t put anything in it. whats the point? It’s either a shelf or a cupboard. This is like two kind of useful things combined to make something kind of useful but not really useful. catch my dreeeft?

  • tanya telford – T

    i think you can definitely put things in and on this cabinet. I would use the inside for things I don’t need right now (storage), or important things and put things I use a lot, or want to look at on it. I like this – nice looking and useful plus it uses recycled materials, now im even imagining a version in a shop fit, lots of possibilities.

  • War

    I agree with hollow. Seems that if they continued shelves on the inside it would have been both beautiful AND useful.

  • Erik Brandt Dam
    I like this better and it came first.

  • Davide


  • Miss l

    Very elegant design, but could it make it onto the mass market uncompromised? This is the real test for furniture: getting it out of the batch production and into people’s home…
    I would have one!

  • i approve too. Very nice idea. bravo

  • I think it’s a beautiful piece of design… until you open it. The space inside doesn’t look like it would hold much, at least not safely.
    Still, I’d have one and just never open it.

  • somehow there’s some kind of illusion, don’t know! the way she played witht the volumes makes the cabinet very attractive. congrats. love it.

  • nice very nice, also very familiar to…. ‘ The Hackney Shelf ‘
    great minds think alike.

  • Issa

    Pleasant to look at… For storage, it's another story…