aCHAIR by Ivo Otasevic


Serbian architect Ivo Otasevic of Otako Architects has designed a chair that looks like the letter 'a'.

Called aChair, it is made from wood, plastic and metal.

Here is some text from the designer:


This chair is a compromise between an object of everyday use and art installation. The chair that is comfortable to sit on, can be exposed as a sculpture in an inspiring space.

The combination of colours and materials (wood, plastic,metal...) makes it a product in the concept store and a piece in the art gallery. The name, aCHAIR, comes from its spiral shape, which looks like a small letter "a". It symbolises an author's wish to mark his first steps in a new, creative adventure of design.

Ivo Otasevic is a Serbian architect who designed a multiform chair that, at the same time, is noted for its simplicity of design. aChair is the name of the object that led Otasevic towards the lights of worldwide recognition in the last Design Fair of Milan.

The young architect leads the Otako office, with headquarters in Belgrade and Moscow as well as developing  projects of different scales, materials and furniture concepts that reveal a boundless creativity.

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  • archie

    anyone can be aDesigner

  • elpa

    A pencil in the pupil would be less painful…

  • It is a lovely chair / sculpture, thousand Bravos!

    François Beydoun

  • Q

    looks very confortable..

  • Will

    So if I buy this chair I have to paint a lime green stripe on my floor and can’t move it

  • alex

    …I would like to know how heavy is it.

  • j

    A chair design based entirely on the name. It’s a chair. Oh! aChair! hahah.

    Sorry, a clever name doesn’t necessitate an effective design, and this piece is proof.

  • 很有想法

  • Rag

    Not very successful in my eyes.
    Looks like he’s been learning solidworks for the first time.
    “Extrude, cut, facet, extrude, cut, facet etc etc…”

  • Cr

    Awesomely comfortable ! .. great job ! :|

  • phil

    design is not art, and this chair does not respect this fact…

    a sculpture which (almost accidentally) also serves as a seating furniture is not particularly good design to me, and I also suspect that this is gonna be some sort of “limited edition”, again a means to force a product into an arts context.

    too concept driven for my taste, too artsy…

  • Facundo

    I like it, but..How many weight this chair resist?…

  • ego sum paganus

    What’s next…

    “b” bed, “c” couch, “d” door……..

  • Brilliant piece of design….brilliant concept. well done.

  • potionspread

    the image with mail address is in very bad taste. this makes the work look like that of a student. Also it is giving me a feeling of the designer boasting about the piece which in my mind is quite deluded. Could just be me though but i find this a little immature.

  • angry catalan

    @ phil: that’s a typical knee-jerk reaction to bad work. Design IS art, but it is the art of design, not the art of sculpture. Functionalist classics are good because they make art out of function, not because they’re not art.

  • Q

    art is art
    design is design
    architecture is design,
    architecture isn’t art
    art isn’t design
    design isn’t art

    and all is poetic

  • cacas

    `Q` you are a poet!

  • mirza

    very superb and lovely design!

  • silverspurr

    design looks good and mechanically ballanced. i’m not sure its very conforable, but then its the kind of chair that you would place in your living room/office rather for the effect it would create than for frequent use

  • Svaka cast Ivo, odlican design!

    samo napred…sve najbolje.

    love & positivity


  • J'aime bien cette pièce d'art ! Et son jeu de couleur, de lignes, de perspectives …
    Bravo au jeune designer :)