Anna by ZMIK


Swiss designers ZMIK have covered the corridor of an office building in Basel with line drawings of room interiors, which only line up to make sense from certain positions in the space.

Called Anna, the design includes black and white wireframe images of both the real rooms behind the corridor's walls and other, imaginary ones.

Visitors can make sense of the drawings by standing at five specific points in the hallway.

The project was commissioned for the offices of interactive media company iart interactive.

See also: V&A washrooms by Glowacka Rennie (April 2009)
More about ZMIK: Coming Out exhibition (March 2009)

Photographs are by Eik Frenzel.

Here's some text from ZMIK:



spacial intervention for iart interactive ag / Basel (CH), 2009

iart interactive moves their offices to a new place inside a building from the seventies. This spacial intervention in the main circulation area visually enlarges the narrow corrridor by using the medium of anamorphosis: Looking from 5 fixed positions the wireframe-drawings show real and imaginary rooms behind thewalls. Besides this points of view the graphic merges into abstract lines. For iart the intervention is also an allegory for the quest of new perspectives.

Design: ZMIK
Client: iart interactive ag, Basel
Realisation: Septembre 2009
Photos: Eik Frenzel

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  • chicago_g

    a interesting game, but it does raise a question: eyes could be cheated by cameras! we are more and more used to perceive architecutre and space only through 2d photos and renderings…

  • This is really clever and I’ve never seen anything like this before. I like it because it’s intriguing, and I can imagine people have a lot of fun moving around the space trying to line up the drawings. Corridors are usually so non-descript but they’ve made this one fun!

  • Niels

    I’d really like to experience it myself. I don’t know if it’ll work as good as in a photograph but if the perception works it’d be really interesting.

  • so simple – so poetic!

  • m

    yes, I like it.

  • roger ashman

    Im loving these works. Similar idea to the VA bathroom. Great fun

  • Funny, have you seen the film Brazil directed by Terry Gilliam in 1985? This design looks like a soft version of it, quite bureaucratic & industrial world!

    François Beydoun

  • The only thing missing are the crayons!

  • mohamad makouk

    lines, spreading on surfaces,
    interesting, though the railing of the stairs breaks the silence, and the motion that is in harmony ..

  • kudz

    yeah, but what about really tall people? or really short people? people who struggle with depth perception? and how ‘simple and poetic’ does it look when you’re not standing in one of the 5 prescribed locations?

  • alex

    Nothing new here, see Andrea Pozzo’s painted dome and vaulted nave in Sant’Ignazio, Rome (ca.1685).

  • Tom


    'there is nothing new here'?? After a technique has been invented, any subsequent explorations are irrelevant according to you? … especially when re-interpreted after 3 centuries with the benefit of contemporary technology? Nothing new? In the future, when typing your comment, if you feel yourself welling up with pride, it is probably a good sign you should keep it to yourself.

    • jimmy

      Haha. I second that.

  • jet

    very hallucinating..

  • bb

    cool. It’s like that guy’s street paintings.. you know with the holes in the pavement and stuff.

  • alex

    Tom: seems like your feelings were hurt. When posting work on this site you have to be open to criticism and opinions. I guess you should keep your feelings to yourself…

  • memory

    My dear Tom,

    when carefully reading this article ZMIK is not claiming to be the authors of this kind of graphic explorations in space. Well, but they neither credit one of the many who have given them inspiration to do so in small scale.

    My appologies to point this out, but I dislike the short memory of digital media and users, graphic designers and architects when it comes to authorship and immediate reference …

    Tom, before shouting out – you yourself should go and do some extra homework outside of your digital box. You may know OMA, right? Then reconsider Felice Varini’s work at the Palais des Congrès, Lille and those even more appreciating work more recently. Certainly well known to ZMIK.
    Take a look! Felice Varini

    Thanks, K

  • m

    No, the technique is not new – it’s the signature technique of artists like Felice Varini. It has the very intriguing effect of making sense from one point but being puzzling (but neverteless feeling extremely rational) from other prespectives. New from ZMIK is the idea to use the technique to draw a wireframe of what is in fact there – behind the walls. It’s a very powerful idea, also graphically, I’m impressed.

  • new

    sorry to interfere but varini did that as well.
    [draw a wireframe of what is in fact there]
    I am all for taking good ideas and using them but there must be a real twist to it.
    maybe the fact that it was designed for an interactive media studio.?. creates a nice connection.

  • fantastic project. truly engaging. better space would be impossible. would love to see technical drawings of this project, if done.

  • cacas

    FUN!!!!! muito bom! simple to do but I never seem it before like this! congrats!

  • yo

    Varini got so trendy lately!

  • yo

    And thanks to readers such as Alex and memory to keep dezeen’s readers standars high and objective!

  • Ramon Peguero

    From a point of view it seems like augmented reality,… but instead,… it is poetry that goes beyond technology,… simple and great, i like it!!

  • ra

    is just “between” ZMIK (2009)
    Jan Dibbets (1969)…