Nafi by SÜDQUAI patente.unikate. and ZMIK


SÜDQUAI patente.unikate. in collaboration with ZMIK have refurbished a hair salon in Basel, wallpapering the entrance with photocopies from Vogue magazine.

Called Nafi, the salon is divided into two distinct areas by the change in wall and floor coverings, from vintage prints and timber flooring in the reception area to the minimal white salon.

Here is some more info from ZMIK:


Redesign hairdressing salon / Basel (CH), 2009

The hairdresser Hairstyling Nafi in Basel’s historic city centre is undergoing reconstruction.

The space is now subdivided into two zones, which are being separated by a sharp border. The two areas strongly contrast in their function as well as in their spatial atmosphere. The ceiling and the walls of the entry zone are seamlessly covered with photocopies on packaging paper made from Vogue magazines from the 1920ies until today.

Opulently furnished and bathed in warm light, the entry is an invitation for a rest, for purchasing products and for discussing the newest styling – trends. In the white working area nothing distracts the work of the hair stylist.

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The ideal light for working, the bright and glossy surfaces and the reduced furnishing put the newly cut hairstyles into the centre of attention. The customer – literally being framed by the mirror – brings the room alive with the reflection of his face. Up for a new hair-do?

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Design: ZMIK SÜDQUAI patente.unikate
Client: Hairstyling Nafi, Basel
Realiation: Decembre 2009
Photos: Eik Frenzel

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  • scruces

    LOVE this. Bravo.

  • Shanta

    Interesting idea- I’ve always liked going into historic houses and see exposed walls lined with older newspapers, it gives it a place a humble beautiful visual history. I also like the contrasting spaces within the same room.

  • wiena

    great concept

  • abdulqadirabas

    beautiful and explainable one side is for purifying and next is for staging/injecting ideas.. love the paperwork’s finished..I wonder if they can explain to us how it was done..

  • pero

    nice one. simple’n’clean

  • I love the juxtaposition of the pure white salon and the sepia photographs of the entrance. I would spend a lot of time checking out those photographs if I was waiting for Guantonio to give me a cut and blow.

  • modular


    wait a second…


    just one more second…


  • amsam

    The ubiquitous slick white of modernism/modernity means so much more when it’s next to something cozy and drenched in history.

  • i like the aesthetics, but is there any type of copyright consideration necessary when using a magazines content in such a fashion? just wondering…

  • gts

    It would be nice for me sitting in a chair, while my hair is done and staring at a mirror reflection of a girl in a mini skirt, while her hair is washed on that platform :):)

  • great concept!