Favourite Things by Chen Karlsson


Stockholm 2010: at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this week Stockholm studio Chen Karlsson present a lamp where treasured objects can be exhibited inside a transparent tank beneath the light source.

Called Favourite Things, the design is meant to spotlight objects of importance to the owner, which can be accessed through an aperture in the side of the plastic shade.

Photographs are by Jannis Politidis.

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The information below is Chen Karlsson


At Stockholm Furniture Fair the Scandinavian-Asian design company Chen Karlsson show Favourite Things - a lamp to let you exhibit the tales and things you like. Favourite Things – lamp and gallery for the home. A lamp to spread the light and tales of your favourite things.

About Chen Karlsson

Chen Karlsson is a asian-scandinavian design company and producer composed of the two famillies of Chen (Chen-Yen and Hung-Ming) and Karlsson (Tina and Johan). We stir around our eastern and western heritage to design products for a rich and beautiful everyday life. Chen Karlsson is situated Stockholm, Sweden.

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  • kaptnk

    it’s going to produce strange shadows?

  • Andrew

    strange shadows – which will be awesome… !

  • Hey, yes we had the same concern but relieved as we tried the prototype., Here we use 60W white light bulbs, pretty ok?


  • Strange shadow production would be part of its appeal, I’d think.

    I love this. Love it. Want this. In quantity. Definitely.

  • I love this! It becomes your own exhibition space. I guess this is also only feasible because of CFL bulbs, as anything else would overheat the objects. I want to place my goldfish in one.

  • Beautiful! Brilliant idea.

  • creido

    Emiliana done something very similar for Metalarte, called Collector lamp.

  • It could also be a collection area for dead bugs

  • Spam

    Great! Now your treasures can fade even faster.

  • Hey! Spam

    The light bulb actually quite far away from the object and we have holes on the top so the air is circulating well.

    We have test it for weeks and it is not as hot as someone may concern.

    If you still worry about it you may choice energy-save light bulb as light source which doesn’t get hot at all.

  • I should be closed, without this hole…