OceanScope by AnL Studio


Korean designers AnL Studio have completed an observatory made of shipping containers in Songdo New City, Incheon, South Korea.

Called OceanScope, the structure has three containers supported at angles of ten, 30 and 50 degrees so that visitors can ascend inside them and watch the sunset over the harbour.

Photographs are by Park So-Young and Chang Gil-Hwang.

The text below is from the architects:


Title : OceanScope observatory by AnL Studio

Korean designers Keehyun Ahn & Minsoo Lee have designed a public observatory called OceanScope in In-cheon made of recycled materials, including old shipping containers.

The old containers are re-purposed and used for a temporary shelter in many rural areas in Korea simply because it is inexpensive.

However, indiscreet uses of these commercial metal-box products that don't have harmonious relationships with their surroundings are causing an unsuccessful outcome in rural environments.

With these issues in mind, The OceanScope is an initiative from the Mayor of Incheon City, which has one of the biggest harbor in Korea aiming to find unused containers' potential of practical re-use for public space and to provide the bleak containers with new functional aesthetics that can be assimilated within rural landscapes.

To this end, the OceanScope, located in the historic sunset place of Incheon city, expresses the dream of establishing an observatory deck purposed on sustainable design by recycling the least expensive unused containers.

In order to overcome the limitation of a building site where ground level is too low to view a beautiful sunset, the containers' structure can be leaned at various angles (10' 30' 50').

This will allow citizens to go up the stairs and meet higher positions with diverse viewpoints throughout the inside of each container.

Project name : OceanScope
Client: Incheon Metropolitan City,Korea / Cho Dong-Am, Ahn Young-Sik
Program: Public Observatory
Location: Songdo New City, Incheon, South Korea

Architect & Designer: Keehyun Ahn, Minsoo Lee
Planning & Producing : Chang Gil-Hwang, Kim Yong-Bae

Construction team: Ju Kwon-Jung, Choi Hui-hyun, Kim Chung-bong, Lee Seung-Ho, Park Kwon-ui, Kang Jung-Tae, Ham Yun-Ki
Start commission: 2010
Photographs : Park So-Young, Chang Gil-Hwang

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  • AnawatC


  • Mike Rosential

    I think it’s another container recycling project that is so different from others.. that is actually awsome~

  • forwards

    anl studio? wow name change needed i think.

  • This is a great project, looks amazing.

  • Quite incredible, and beautiful drawings (wish I could see them in a larger format)

  • js lee

    is it an oceanscope.,,or recycling sculpture.,?

  • bob

    anl rectoscope! =)

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  • X

    One of the smartest reuse project for containers I have ever seen!

    Beautiful! Bravo!

  • rockstar

    a new star rising! very elegant and very inspiring use of containers. some of those stacking peeps could learn from this! well done!

  • Volker

    awesome name!
    awesome project!
    but in my opinion, the best thing about it is that there is no built observation platform to stand on.
    Thumbs up!

  • Gregory

    cheap materials. but, elegant.. smart work.

  • Congratulation really nice work!!!

  • good work, but please dezeen, post high resolution drawings, otherwise the post is USELESS… thanks.

  • Jong Min Kim

    Awesome Project, Minsoo!!! :)

  • Artwork in themselves.

  • christian

    I love the fact it almost doesn’t even look like shipping containers, very nice abstraction.
    great concept.

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  • starving

    right on!

  • To The Fake Sartorialist and spass: we can only publish larger drawings when we are given them by the architect – and in this case we weren’t, unfortunately. Sorry!

  • Eriko

    It’sa very confident design- Love this style.

  • Thanks for the comment Marcus. Totally understand. A note to architects in general out there; give Dezeen bigger drawings, just because this is online doesn’t make it second rate. In fact it is the printed magazine that is doomed.

  • dw

    coool, it’s one of few awesome projects in korea.
    affordable version of early libeskind. but smart enough to be considered as original. i buy this one.

  • Jain

    Awesome! it is definitely a great project! Congrats Minsoo oppa~!

  • Young Kyu Jeon

    So nice .
    I respect professor making dream realization.

  • chlee

    What a bold, fabulous attempt a design could be.
    Facing directly Incheon Bay Bridge, the Ocean Scope (or ocean’s cope) reminds me of a medieval fortress: illusionary across times and spaces…

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  • mas’ut


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  • Sergi

    Fantastic project :)

  • jiyeon

    On this occasion I pay homage to Mr.Chang ~

  • Hey Marcus: You have a point there……Why not host a competition challenging Architects to post 3 or more A1 dwgs for the voting public to choose as winners?

    Could be fun!


  • Hey Marcus: You have a point there……Why not host a competition challenging Architects to post 3 or more A1 dwgs for the voting public to choose as winners?

    Might be fun!


  • Deborah.R

    Interesting ~ never seen before the way using concrete base with shipping container

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  • president Shin

    This is the best observatory in Korea.
    I hope to see this observatory.
    If I see the this observatory, I say “wow!”

  • Hiro.J

    wow. really amazing projet..

  • shin yeong park

    Great !!! It couldn’t be better. I can’t wait to see it~ ^^

  • igor andrades

    proper mix of recycling and good design

  • Wow, out from something ordinary comes out something extraordinary…very nice.