La Llotja de Lleida by Mecanoo


Dutch architects Mecanoo have completed a stone-clad theatre and congress centre in Llerida Lleida, Spain.

Called La Llotja de Lleida, the building has a band of glazing at its widest point and a roof garden planted with creeping plants.

The bulk of the structure cantilevers out over the square below, sheltering the entrances.

The theatre interior features images of trees picked out in lights along the walls.

Elsewhere in the centre walls are white plaster and flooring is made of marble or wood.

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Above image is by La Fotografica

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The information below is from Mecanoo:

La Llotja de Lleida, Llerida, Spain


The mountain with the historical cathedral Seu Vella and the Segre river mark the high and low points of the mountainous landscape in which Lleida lies, after Barcelona the second city of Catalonia. On the banks of the Segre, somewhat outside the centre of the city, is coming La Llotja, a large conference centre with a theatre. Mecanoo has interpreted the landscape of Lleida as an exciting decor before which the building has been set down somewhat away from the river. The mise-en-scène is elaborated on three levels of scale. Regarded at the large scale of the region, the building represents a connecting link between the river and the mountain. Viewed at the level of the city, La Llotja and the river forms a balanced composition. At street level the cantilevers of the La Llotja de Lleida conference centre provide protection from sun and rain.

Above image is by La Fotografica


The large stone edifice seems to have sprouted from the Spanish earth. The building’s horizontal form provides a large garden on the roof, while under the cantilevers begins a square for events, with the stairs of the adjacent building serving as a tribune. Parking is underground, the loading area for trucks is at ground floor, where you also find the floor of the theatre stage, the dressing rooms and the restaurant kitchen. The loading area for small trucks is at -1. In a light court in the centre of the building, a monumental staircase rises from street level to the multi-functional hall on the first floor.

Above image is by La Fotografica

A ramp leads on to the foyer on the second level where there is a panoramic window looking out across the city and the river. In the foyer are the entrances to the theatre, which also serves as a large conference hall, meeting rooms and a small conference room. The latter is visually connected to the multifunctional hall by means of a raked tribune separated by a glass wall. The press office, VIP rooms and a meeting centre are situated on the city side of the building, accessed by an internal corridor. The entire functional logistics for the theatre and the conference centre are situated inconspicuously but extremely functionally. Restaurants with bars are located on the side of La Llotja facing the river and the square. The monolithic building is in fact composed of different pieces of buildings linked together by sound-absorbing foyers.

Above image is by La Fotografica

Roof garden

Materials ensure distinction and orientation in the interior. The exterior is of stone. Inside there are mainly white, plastered walls and either wooden or marble floors. The entrance hall and the multi-functional hall have a marble floor, while the foyer has a floor of mixed hardwood. The theatre has the atmosphere of an orchard with walls of dark wood in which trees of light have been cut out. The colour palette of fruit is a theme that recurs in small details throughout the building. After all, the region of Lleida is famous for its fruit production. The roof is colourful: pergolas support a range of creepers and climbers like roses, jasmin and ivy. The garden with its mirador is not only pleasant but also useful since the ground cover keeps the roof cool in the summer, provides a beautiful view for people living in the neighbourhood and serves an extra place for conference guests to sojourn.

Programme: Theatre and congress centre of 37,500 m² with a theatre halls (1.000 seats), that can function as a congress hall as well, 2 congress halls with 400 and 200 seats, a multifunctional space, 2 foyers, 9,500 m2 parking space, a square of 15,325 m2, Mercolleida office and retail of 2,591 m2, 1st prize competition.

Design 2004-2005
Execution 2006-2010
Client Centre de Negocis i de Convencions S.A., Lleida, Spain; competition Municipality of Lleida
Local architect labb arquitectura, Barcelona
Contractor Dragados, Barcelona
Structural engineer ABT bv, Delft; BOMA, Barcelona
Advisor acoustics Peutz b.v., Zoetermeer; Higini Arau, Barcelona
Electrical and Mecanical engineer Deerns, Rijswijk; Einesa, Lleida
Technical architect Ardevols S.L, Barcelona
Building cost consultant Basalt Nieuwegein; Ardevols S.L. Barcelona
Fire safety consultant Einesa, Lleida
Building costs incl. installations € 35,000,000 (2006)

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  • romance-bad

    i am so interested to know how the structure and detailing are… no plan no section?

  • leo

    Nice building, but, why do they put red touch everywhere? … red is too much…

  • bebo

    love love love, amazing building, inside out.

  • R

    This is one of the few buildings of Mecanoo I can actually partly like: I find the shape of the building interesting and the way the cantilevers and the band of windows interact with the square is well done. From here it goes wrong though: the material finish isn’t bad, but I think they employed too much color difference in the stones giving it a somewhat confetti finish. While the overall shape can be quite timeless, I think the finish will make it look dated after a while. This is even more so in the interior which looks boring, cheap and/or childish. It looks as if it will not age very well and I think many will be bored with for example the tree motives within weeks. So overall a project that had great potential but that is executed very lame.

  • D

    really like the stone cladding. would like to see more pics of the building with its context to see how it relates to the existing surroundings

  • mich

    what is the material of the exterior ???

  • Afs

    Brilliant job for l a b b a r q u i t e c t u r a. Best of Luck! !!!!

  • Sergi

    The name of the city is Lleida (catalan) or Lérida (in spanish). You did a mix with the result of: Llerida.

    • J. Alomar

      Since Franco is dead the name of the city is Lleida, Lérida is not accepted anymore.

  • Ron

    I wonder if it was intentional or serendipitous?

  • I Can Has Cheeseburger

    Kewl building…am curious about the structure!!

  • Tyler

    @ Ron…

    …Intentional. Their office is in Delft. They did the library at TU Delft, which is adjacent to the auditorium.

    • Jay

      It's not intentional at all. I've seen the design process and it has nothing to do with the auditorium

  • Rafel

    Very nice, but the buildings around…

  • rdeamer

    frigitty fresh!!

  • cacas

    star wars… a long time ago in a very distant galaxe this is a very good building. sorry.. maybe just a bad day… or I just dont understand mecanoo.

  • rhps

    You can see all the plan, sections and details in an 18-pages article published in the AVProyectos magazine, n. 33

  • llama

    sexy cantilever but really don’t understand the preoccupation with pixelated facades. some of the interior shots are fab but again, whats with the trees!!!

  • san

    thougt the exact same as ron and tylor… bakemas auditorium for tu delft campus is a masterpiece! mecanoo could have deviated from it instead of simply copying

  • Hana

    …….It is just an obvious copy of the “AULA” auditorium in TUDelft? next to the library Mecanoo actually built long time ago???

  • Sergi

    You can’t compare this with AULA’s building of Delft… I think this is Better.