Shoes by Tea Petrovic


Sarajevo designer Tea Petrovic has designed a collection of shoes based on the work of late Russian sculptor Naum Gabo and Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

The collection includes ten different prototypes created while Petrovic was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo.

Petrovic aimed to exploit the space between the sole, heel and floor.

The text below is from the designer:

My name is Tea Petrovic, a graduated student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

I have created a shoe collection, as my graduating project, that is centered around the idea that each shoe is an sculptural-architectural structured form.

The collection contains ten prototypes entirely handmade.

Each model is an experiment with the high heel, because they determine the whole form of a shoe.

The heels are columns, constructive elements on which the whole creative process is based with an aim to create a new concept of high heels.

Bernard Figueroa once said: "There is so much space between a woman's heel and the floor that one can use.", and that is exactly what I tried to accomplish using this space as much as possible.

These shoes are primarily an art object and their function is secondary.

The focus is on the form, their only decorative element. Design is based on the exploration of new high heel shapes, resulting in numerous variations of their basic form.

The heel shapes are created by multiplying, intercepting and rotating 2D surfaces in order to achieve a 3D figure.

As a result there are three groups each representing a different approach to unique design forms.

The first group - linear constructions - is inspired by Naum Gabo and they represent the idea of levity, transparency and complex structure.

Architectural shoe - the second group refers to the constructions and architecture of Santiago Calatrava with an accent on detail. These high heels are sculptural figures which dominate and determine the form of a shoe.

The final group of the collection - wings/variations - are steered around the tendency for natural, organic shapes, compact forms and distinct sculptural and architectural details. The whole concept is based on monocoque form.

To underline their sculptural form, the shoes are kept white, which on the other hand emphasis the artistic language, present in the entire collection.

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  • Rade Lalic


  • gospodjica_Je

    beautifull…and interesting…does Tea have a web site?

  • the designdummy

    only lady gaga will wear these

  • Tamsyn Rose Hickey

    This are amazing!! i’m not a fashion or heel girl bit these are beautiful!

  • once upon a time

    1st image; tension cables in a compression application make my teeth itch.

    • Villow

      I agree, but only if we insist on architecture. Try turning it around, seeing harp strings.

  • starving

    none of these look comfortable… i appreciate the boldness, but seriously. theyre shoes: if they hurt your feet this much then they’re pointless

  • jack the ripper

    ah! now some of these are rather beautiful … the mule for instance is exquisite and kinda Barbie like …

    the simplest ones would compliment and outfit .

  • Patrick Y Wong

    A visual feast for the eyes, but a shoe that isn’t comfortable and wearable is a poor design.

  • giang

    Lady Gaga would wear all of these!

  • Sergi

    Sarajevo has something special :)

  • loncatt

    Very nice indeed . We love high heels .Nicely done.

  • Space by Eliana Tomas

    i’m a shoe lover, and these are just stunning!
    prada will buy the prototypes, i’m sure!

  • Kristen

    I love sneakers but this is just so cool. I wish I can wear one of them.

  • Hugo

    why do they put tension string on the point of compression for the first shoe?

  • Xi

    He should collaborate with United Nude! Rem D. Koolhaas, are you checking this out???

  • Pete

    Why are there so many cold blankets in this world when the designer has already mentioned ‘These shoes are primarily an art object and their function is secondary’? It’s an exploration of form and concept, so for those who are deeply concerned about comfy level, go get a Clarks? yawnz.

  • Oliver

    interesting … how look shoes inspired by Tadao Ando? …

  • Amira

    wooow thisss is so special :D Tea is the best, so original :D I’m lovinnnn it

  • ozlem yalim

    these are only aesthetic and well- modelled statues, which have inspired from a shoe’s form.. does anyone have worn these? do they can? does anyone can walk with these? without pain?without slipping? do they have any ergonomics?. i don’t think so… designing and crafting a real shoe is totally different occupation
    we an only appreiciate the idea behind and the asthetic quality… there is too much work on these, to realize them…

  • Abhi

    Wicked !

  • christina

    please architects….. stop designing shoes!!!!!!

  • ondrej

    it is not clear to me why do you call these shoes. I think you designed a dog with eight spider legs, no teeth, ears of an elephant and neck of a giraffe. Good try!

  • asdfghjkl

    These are seriously sexy. Congratulations.

    (can’t believe someone said they don’t look comfy… they are high heels you fool!)

    Funny… why is there always this architecture/shoe cross over?!?!

    …it’s not like there’s always a furniture / trouser relationship…

  • MsUnreliable

    Let me guess…all the people commenting on the ergonomics and wearability of high heels are male. Have you SEEN what some of the high heels on the market are like? Most of these are tame in comparison!

  • ARS

    Impressive! Congratulations. I like specially these shoes with ‘big ears’.

  • Countcero

    Great idea, good design and -better yet- fine irony for Calatrava’s… Right scale for forms, nice accesories to enhance beauty and proper place for shapes that appeared, before this funny example, to have been done with their designer’s right foot!

  • jack the ripper

    I am surprised by all the comments relating to ” comfort”
    hello ??? shoes are more than something we walk on , they build a silhouette , flatter the legs , and have always had a fetichist aspect to them ..
    sometimes you need to suffer for grace .. sorry , a fact .

    and high heels can be comfortable , if you know how to walk in them…

  • Juliette

    Very cool, but oh! how I wish there were pictures of these shoes ON FEET!

  • Helena Dias Pereira

    I love all these art pieces you have created… Fantastic, I am very much impressed with your creativity… I would love to buy all of them!!!!!! Comfortability….doesn’ t really matter you foolish men!!!!!!

  • lawrence

    Hi, I am a editor of china. i love you design very much. how can i have your contact information like e-mail or number

  • Matthew

    I must agree with the comment about the tension cables in compression – inappropriate, distracting, and bothersome! In fact, the use of wire in the pieces is not very successful. Otherwise, quite beautiful!

  • saraleo

    are they for wearing ???

  • altijana

    Congratulations Tea!
    Very cool,good design,impressive….
    Show the world what kind of artist Bosnia has.
    We are proud with you.

  • Will M

    Calatrava’s designs.. are like an actress who falls in love with the sound of her own voice.

  • The Fake Sartorialist

    I agree, Lady Gaga would wear all of these, only she might have a lot of balsa wood splinters and paper cuts to deal with.
    If Calatrava was a departure point for this, much more attention should have been taken into how the forces are distributed, ie the tension cables being used for compression. The fact there is no part of a shoe that is held purely in tension.

  • youhavebeenheresometime

    work it!

    awesome sculpture, and hey if you can walk in them too! kudos to you!

  • veronica

    I love all these shoes, they are beautiful. You would be surprised how many people would wear them – not just lady gaga! no pain- no game!

  • Hutu

    What part of “These shoes are primarily an art object and their function is secondary.” do you NOT understand?

  • ping

    why cannot an architect design shoes? they are much better than those boring things designed by fashion designers.

  • something

    it is very something.
    some guys said that this work are made by Santiago Calatrava ,
    an architectures. … i think i was wrong, i’m sorry :(

    i’m a Korean, i’m searching for something inspirated for me.
    ( i dont know it is right grammar.. hhh)
    then, ur pieces – bbiyooooung – appeared !! !!
    so i appreaciate you so much, thank you. ^^
    it is fabulous, way to go ,!!!!

  • Tea Petrovic

    All people who are interested in my design can contact me and follow the updates via!/pages/Tea-Petrovic-Shoes/345172132613?ref=ts

  • zbsports

    Amazing…very elegant design also unique…^_^ I am speechless…^_^

  • jaggery2010

    What material have you used for these? Is it just paper?

  • tea

    Some details were made of wire and the rest is plastic (they are prototypes).

  • indignant

    You can't push a string – it's physics.

  • nightangel27

    the fashion is great,. but i don’t think its safety to use. but its really look great.

  • erika

    i really don't understand why some people make randome comments, without even reading the text located below the photographed work…?
    1. these are prototypes, not actual shoes
    2. the artist is a designer, not an architect
    3. the artist's statement was that the functionallity was secondary… and so on.
    i appreciate your homage to calatrava. i also appreciate your young age when you made these. i like your design very much.

  • giaynam

    The fashion is great, but I don’t think its safe to use.

  • giay converse

    I agree. Lady Gaga would wear all of these, only she might have a lot of balsa wood splinters and paper cuts to deal with.

    If Calatrava was a departure point for this, much more attention should have been given to how the forces are distributed, ie the tension cables being used for compression. In fact there is no part of a shoe that is held purely in tension.

  • giày converse

    These are prototypes, not actual shoes. The artist is a designer, not an architect. The artist’s statement was that the functionallity was secondary… and so on.

    I appreciate your homage to Calatrava. I also appreciate your young age when you made these. I like your design very much.