Poliart Design Luca Nichetto for Casamania


Venetian designer Luca Nichetto will present a series of coffee tables with tops shaped like city maps for design brand Casamania in Milan next month.

Called Poliart Design, the tables feature the outlines and main routes of Paris, Barcelona, Venice and Istanbul. Colours were chosen according to foods Nichetto sees as particular to each region.

The Italian brand will also launch a polycarbonate and aluminium chair by Fabio Novembre (see our earlier story).

See also: Metrobowl by Frederik Roijé (January 2010)

Here's a little text from Casamania:

POLIART design Luca Nichetto

Poliart is a family of coffee tables created specifically to share and promote under standing of the cultural traditions of 4 of Europe’s most significant cities. Paris, Barcelona, Venice and Istanbul. The base of each table supports a table top with a stylised map of the city, the colours used are evocative of the signature dish which characterises the culinary tradition of each city, making them famous around the world.

Materials: timber or aluminium

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  • ambroise

    I feel like I already seen it few years ago….
    And I didn’t understand the explanation about the colours.
    Why Paris should be red ? (if I recognized it..)

  • modular

    Ouch! So academic…..

  • Does anyone think it really looks like a city map?

  • camillino

    imho, that really sucks…

    it reminds me projects that comes out from the first sketch of 1st-year-students…

  • jens

    i really wonder… is functionality really dead that we buy a coffee table for a few minutes of intrigue? too many downsides for me… dust collection and potential skirmishes with the unfriendly edges are not outweighed by the “amusement” factor

  • jlen

    I like ’em!

    I like the colours together. I also like the forms and scale.

    As for funtionality, please, have you looked at the other ‘furniture’ on this site! If they’re the right height and flat, they work.

    Great example…