Lolice shoes by Belma Arnautović


Sarajevo designer Belma Arnautović has created a collection of shoes including these candy-filled heels.

The collection features bright colours, patent leather and objects such as sweets, beads and satin ribbons.

Arnautović created the collection while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo.

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Here's a little text from the designer:

A shoe collection branded Lolice is the graduation work of product designer Belma Arnautović based in Sarajevo, on department for product design at the Academy of fine arts in Sarajevo.

Inspired by candies and cakes, these conceptual shoes for girls are completely wearable.

The idea behind the design lies in dreamland, that which is edible and reminds us of childhood.

The designer aimed to produce eccentric unique pieces that bear symbols of fun, dreams and candy perfume.

They are produced in cooperation with crafted shoemaker in Sarajevo in December 2009.

Posted on Sunday March 7th 2010 at 2:40 pm by Antonia Anastasiadi. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • great styling in here. interesting shoes. 2nd photo is lovely! tim burton will like your portfolio.

  • phut

    wow. I wanna use it in lecture room.

  • Brigitte Bardot

    my sweets smell cheese.

  • win

    These are so ugly, I don’t even care that there was a ‘concept’ behind them.

  • starving

    WTF. NO.

  • nicey

    too too sweet :)

  • Fantastic idea,
    I like my bon-bons to be where I can have easy access to them.
    At the movies: Just lift up my feet and ask my friends if they would like some.
    At the bank: Offer the tired looking teller some soft chewy wine gums.
    At the gynecologist: ….

  • alex

    form follows (dys)function…

  • ARX


  • Mademoiselle Zorro

    Those shoes should not appear on Dezeen (but maybe on another site with more fashion, girly stuff, knick knacks..). This is not the right place and she is going to have an amount of bloody comments…

  • I LOVE IT !

  • Not that I’m totally against it, far from it, but this webazine seems to be something of a magnet for h8trs

  • The official shoes of girls with a sweet tooth (and a sense of the absurd) everywhere. All thumbs up for this one.

  • Don’t be so close-minded, conservative dudes.
    A pretty story is told to us over there.
    Let’s be enchanted by this sweet wonderland’s foot outfit for sweet legs.


  • I watched Toyland this past Christmas and wish I saw a little more of this.

  • José

    pretty disgusting to eat candy out of your shoes and they don’t look really practical anyway, imagine having to run on those. It seems interesting as art concept though.

  • Kathleen

    Love it, love it… so much so
    that I’d like the option of
    putting my own glitter or
    marbles or roses inside
    the heals.

  • Lame publicity stunt…. get it?….Lame. Oh never mind.

  • Sara

    simply ugly and not practical.

  • E

    Thats some ugly shoes.

  • madD

    a new way of gum to gets stuck on your shoe

  • Arnautovic-Arnaut comes from ottoman empire, in old turkish means Albanian…
    Strangeeee !


  • claudia


  • commentator

    love those MIKA shoes!
    lollipops everywhere!

  • Fizz

    Hmm, dunno….. I’ll have to Choo over this one… (hohoho)

  • BRian

    NIce concepts!



  • monica

    where can we buy it? are they on the market?

  • JIIM

    Oh!!! So Creative

  • Aniluts

    Dauhteeeeer!!!! Bring your candieeeees, for decorate our shoeeeessssss!!!! Hahahah

  • Adaro

    I think I love the leg candy more than the designs itself >:)

  • I like some of these more than others. The really conservative ones are totally wearable and still have a feeling of girlish fun, Gumball heels are brilliant, and though I don't like the candy bowl ones as shoes, every conceptual project needs one totally out there expressive piece.
    Why are people so hard on designers who put the fun back in function? Lighten up.