Jesolo Magica by Zaha Hadid Architects


Zaha Hadid Architects have designed a retail and business centre for the resort of Jesolo near Venice in Italy.

Called Jesolo Magica, the project will include shops, bars, restaurants, offices, a hotel, a congress centre and health centre.

The building is due for completion in 2014.

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The information that follows is from Zaha Hadid Architects:

Jesolo is one of Italy’s most established seaside resorts and the design of Jesolo Magica makes full advantage of its location near the Venice Lagoon.

The project aims to be the catalyst for reinvention and regeneration – giving the of the town of Jesolo an excellent opportunity to further develop as a conference and holiday destination.

The design creates a continuum of fluid space that instigates a renewed sense of possibility.

The disparate elements of the Jesolo Magica complex fit together to form a coherent field of buildings, each one separate - but logically connected to the next in a continually changing ensemble.

The volumes encompassing the retail centre “open-up” around a central space, like the petals of a flower. The hotel building forms the final “petal”, framing the views over the adjacent lagoon.

In addition to offices, retail spaces and restaurants, the Jesolo Magica project features a hotel with conference center, spa, nightclub and outdoor spaces for events.

2010 - 2014
PROGRAM: Retail, Bar, Gymnasium, Hotel, Restaurant, Offices, Congress and Wellness centre
CLIENT: HomeGroup
ARCHITECT: Zaha Hadid Architects
DESIGN: Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

DESIGN TEAM: Marco Amoroso, David Campos, Ayat Fadaifard, Massimiliano Piccinini, Ivan Valdez, Francesca Venturoni
STRUCTURES: Favero & Milan Ingegneria
M&E: Manens Intertecnica
COST: Building Consulting

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  • TED viewer

    baby u are so sexy

  • James

    OMG guys! firstly, the renders DO show elevations (which are supposedly what users would see), and secondly, it DOES fit into its surrounding context and its landscape… please don’t perpetuate negative energy out of your own whim and jealousy of others… just enjoy what others have to offer…

  • reham

    the most creative arcitect i have ever seen…something out of reality..the best zaha

  • dr.mazi

    indeed this is a brilliant idea for NIKE…

  • Innovative & unconventional design but extravagantly fancy unreasonable uneconomical exaggerated bizarre wormlike chaotic irregular crude tasteless shape.
    Imagine a whole city with such designs & no bit of modern structural homogeneity

  • I think this is Computer Aided Design pushed to his extreme capabilities. Problem is: people are not Computers, and even if watching from a bird's eye it could be fashinating, I wonder how people will feel, and what they will understand, once inside the building. A bit concerned about this trend…

  • Critic

    A toilet having a crap.

  • flypitch

    …and the cost to build this versus a conventional building?

  • Nobody will ever give a crap if this costs 30 times what a conventional building costs if it'll make 30 times the money a conventional building makes.

  • Nuk

    Tho it looks quite nice, I don't like this "future"… we are loosing our human roots and we are starting to behave like robots…