Glamour Factory by Studio Job
and Viktor & Rolf


Dutch artists Studio Job designed the scenography for the Fall/Winter 2010 collection by fashion designers Viktor & Rolf, premiered earlier this month in Paris.

The design features 1000m² of catwalk and set covered in an intricate pattern of mechanical symbols and industrial imagery.

The motifs were originally designed as a marquetry pattern for a series of furniture pieces from 2008 called Industry.

Watch a series of videos of the show here.

See our previous story about Studio Job's scenography design for Viktor & Rolf's Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Photos are by Peter Stigter. Model: Kristen McMenamy.

Here's some more information from Studio Job:

The base of the scenery is a pattern we originally composed for a series of marquetry objects, titled 'Industry' (2008). Specially for the occasion Nynke transformed the pattern into a more theatrical, 3D form that reminded us slightly of Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

Together with Viktor & Rolf we decided to totally wrap the giant catwalk backdrops with 1000 m2 'Industry'! It was pleasant to see how naturally this architectural scene was absorbed by the glamour and fashion industry.

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  • Very clever!

  • What can I say, I love Victor & Rolf more than most people love their parents.
    Once again this show showed what showmen they can be.
    What a performance, and what a concept.
    The way each outfit completely transformed itself from the one model to the next! Each look was in fact two looks!

  • nice colour played there..Love the look of industry with fashion intertwined

  • Joe B.

    perfect backdrop. you need some real power and mechanical force to get that load down the runway.

  • All exellent…

  • super impressive by the old style of Dutch design in the new look of fashion planet!

  • Mrc

    Beautiful as always

    So simple, so magic.