Curve Frame Sofa Set by Hyung Suk Cho

Korean designer Hyung Suk Cho has designed a collection of upholstered furniture trapped in metal cages.

Called Curve Frame Sofa Set, the project comprises a chaise longue, stool and side table.

The upholstered blocks of each are held together by stainless steel tubular frames.

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Frame sofa by Hyung Suk Cho (January 2010)
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The text below is from Hyung Suk Cho:

Curve Frame sofa set (sofa, table, stool)

"Curve Frame sofa set"

The "Curve Frame sofa" is another frame version of Frame sofa. It consists of one lounge sofa, side table and stool.

A sofa and stool have three cushions. and The frames have smooth curve and hold each cushions. It solve the structure each of them.

Materials: stainless steel pipe, fabric