A3 Animals by Michael Schoner


Amsterdam designer Michael Schoner has designed a series of paper masks without eye holes that look a bit like animals.

Called A3 Animals, the geometric patterns can be printed out on various sizes of paper and stapled together.

Make your own here.

Photographs are by Anika Schwarzlose and Jonas Lund.

The text below is from Schoner:

A3 Animals

The A3 Animals (some of them are actually A2) are a DIN normed piece of paper folded into an animal head that one can wear on his own. It is held together by ordinary office material: staples and rubber bands.

You can download them as pdf, print them on your office machine and duplicate it in mass quantities (if you like) for little money.

They have a pattern on them rasterized Xerox style which plays with geometry in its folded and unfolded state.

When put on the masks become an extension to the body or a sculpture on your head.

There are no holes for the eyes to see through. This way it's more about the geometric shape you wear on your head.

You are caught in the inside space of the animal and vulnerable to the outside.

Above: Fox

You are a paper-shaman connecting to that animal. Eventually the masks stay behind.

Above: Cat

These “authentic native office artifacts” decay after a short lifespan in the wastepaper basket.

Above: Bear

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  • Nic

    I. Love. This.

  • monica

    it’s a simple and brilliant idea!!!<3


    design is dead

  • I wouldn’t mind walking about bumping into things with one of these on.

  • youri

    everybody say;

    looks cool though ;)

  • Very nice Michael !!!

  • Moe
  • moony

    why? what is the purpose? just to be on dezeen or something deeper?

  • san

    nice one – i like the do-it-yourself approach

  • yo

    why? what is the purpose? just to be on dezeen or something deeper?

  • bernard

    I have often wondered what it would be like if I wore A3 paper on my head and walked around the office. I never tried cos I thought I might look stupid, but if I look like bear then it’s ok for sure.

    Where I can buy this?

  • harry

    great for a kiddies party!

  • @ bernard
    you can download it for free on the website! please send me a picture if you actually do walk around the office with an A3 on your head! I would love it!

    @ youri
    i will try to stop using google for a week and printing out old plans again – then we are environmentally neutral again :)

  • eye+

    alright let’s put our facebook photos on dezeen from now on

  • Dennis

    …should sell well in Muslim countries.

    March 16th, 2010 at 5:27 am
    design is dead

    Good god Pwando, why do you visit Dezeen?
    There’s stuff like this here everyday – are you some kind of masochist?
    Design is dead if you look at things you think are dead. Dezeen has lots of that stuff. Go and read Domus or something intelligent.

    Really love the masks… nice work. Very Russia C1915 meets contemporary office japing.

    (just to be a miserable bastard: I wish the Dutch would stop making the photographs so beautiful (people / backdrops / blurred motion. It feels a bit like Wallpaper magainze. Squeaky clean weirdness – was this all Moooois fault?) Ignore this last comment if it sounds ridiculous.

  • Janus Milo

    Impressionant…..limite inquiétant.

  • seen this before while travelling in Asian country ..did by poor kids in a village..just different art works

  • Davide

    @moony –> you got it!

  • MiLo

    Some people have waaaaay too much time on their hands….

  • Al-Ishaq

    look…i made a small ship from paper….now i just need some marketing.

  • ads

    For what purpose ? I,m sure some people havent been to balls or fashion show designers get out there and live the life.