W+W by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti
with Roca Innovation Lab


Milan designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti have collaborated with bathroom brand Roca to create a combined toilet and wash basin, where waste water from the sink is used to fill the toilet cistern.

Called W+W, the design filters and stores waste water from the basin and uses it to fill the cistern of the toilet.

Users can divert waste water from the basin into a reservoir or the mains waste, depending on what it has been used for.

If the reservoir is empty, the toilet cistern can be filled from mains water.

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The information below is from Roca:


Created by the Roca Innovation Lab. together with the designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, W+W is a truly exciting new product revelation from Roca.

The washbasin and WC are two essential elements in every single bathroom. Highlighting its commitment to design and innovation, Roca has combined these two elements to create W+W - an all-in-one washbasin and WC made from vitreous china, designed to maximise space and conserve water. This ground breaking idea, incorporating Roca’s new ‘water-reuse’ technology, uses waste water from the basin to fill the WC cistern, thereby reducing water usage by up to 25% compared to a standard 6/3 litre dual-flush WC.

The basin in W+W has two wastes – the basin waste and one further down the waste pipe. Once the basin has been used and filled with water, the user has the option of either diverting it to the mains (e.g. if the basin is being used for shaving, or brushing teeth), or recycling it by storing it in the cistern ready for the next flush.

When the grey water is selected to be reused, it is stopped from flowing out to the mains at the secondary waste and diverted to fill up the cistern, at which point it automatically passes through a double filtration system. In order to eliminate bacteria and odours, this system filters particle debris as well as chemically treating the grey water before storing it to flush the WC. Once the water has been filtered and treated, it is then stored in the grey water reservoir and used to fill the cistern as required. The reservoir holds up to 4 litres of water, and there is an overflow so that if it gets too full any excess grey water will be discarded via the main waste outlet. In addition, if for any reason there isn’t any grey water stored in the reservoir, for example if the basin hasn’t been used, the float will recognise this and trigger the inlet to fill the cistern from the mains.

In addition, W+W is fitted with the Singles-Pro tap which further enhances its environmental credentials. Singles-Pro features a progressive cartridge which means control always starts the flow with cold water and as you continually turn the control the flow changes to a mix of hot and cold, ending the turn with hot water. This means that heating systems are not fired up unnecessarily, thereby saving energy. Singles-Pro also includes a flow limiter which restricts the water flow to a maximum of 9 litres per minute.

Through W+W Roca has created a unique product that combines functionality, sustainability and aesthetic design which consolidates the brand’s global leadership in bathroom solutions. W+W (approx. £2,703) will be available to buy in the UK from January 2010. The Singles-Pro tap (included with the W+W) can also be purchased separately and is currently retailed for approx. £260.

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  • J0p2

    seen this before in japan. very good idea.

  • *matt

    so awesome

  • modular

    This is not pretty but…

    “where waste water from the sink is used to fill the toilet cistern”

    This is a good idea indeed!

  • The shape is very elegant and it what a great way to recycle water.

  • Intelligent design, BRAVO!

    François Beydoun

  • idealist

    simple and elegant, but the true coup will be if they can produce this for the masses…

  • gray

    Very nice looking but the idea of doing your thing in the same fixture that you are supposed to use to wash yourself makes me a bit Uneasy. Queezy. These types of fixtures have been used in prisons for a while now. Although, they do not look this nice.

    • vampire

      They have it in every Japanese toilet for years. You are soooo short of information…

  • j


    The toilets used in Japan are actually a little different: Instead of excess water from the sink filling the tank, it is the flushing of the toilet that fills the sink and consecutively the tank. So you flush then wash your hands as the tank fills. A very good idea, which wasn’t replicated here because this is for residential use, so the sink has uses other than washing after using the toilet.


    Come on! The same fixture yes…so what! If you create a usage flow chart, you’ll find that in terms of hygiene this is the equivalent to a standard separate sink/toilet configuration.

  • good idea to recycle water in that case. and? of course it may be different shapes

  • Francesco

    Great idea, the water that you use for the hands is re-used for the toilet, that’s cool.

  • oscar nunez

    mexican designer Ariel Jojo has developed something like this in the 2006


  • Philippe
  • rach

    The idea of reusing water is excellent; however, the form in this particular design project is missing something that is supposed to engender comfort in visual and physical aspects of design. While it speaks the representational flow of water through the arching geometry of the connector between the sink and the toilet, the curvature in terms of its overall design doesn’t seem to flow into other surrounding objects such as the square mini table and stairs, which are in fact interactively connected by a user. I wish that it could have blended into the environment more logically in such sense, but other than that, bravo to its simplicity.

  • angry catalan

    Great idea, not sure about the particular design (the curve between the two pieces is bulky, which is ugly and leaves no room for anything, most importantly your knees as most people tend to bow slightly when they’re using the sink), but water recycling should be obligatory for all toilet designs.

  • Michael A

    brilliant! Where can i purchase?

  • fish fingers

    japanese idea plus this design is over a year old

  • roger ashman

    This is brilliant. Hope it catches on because it makes complete sense. I know its been done before but it takes a good bit of accommodating design to make it work. Great stuff.

  • neuhaus

    I know the waste water from the sink is filtered before going into the toilet, but I like the idea of a minty fresh toilet bowl after I brush my teeth!

  • clever indeed ..beautiful and elegant

  • jack

    I always like to have my lap top and iPod on hand when taking a dump…

  • EricK

    This is incredibly smart!

  • A good idea that has been around for decades here in Japan, and used in the majority of homes.

    Toilet looks super uncomfortable. Japan wins.

  • Ferdie_bonaparte

    Quite a space saver for me. I’m also amazed how complicated it took for them to develop such process on how to handle the filling, discharging, treating, etc. of the water that is being used. By its looks anyone can say how simple the design is, but only few might realized how arduous the R & D was made for this design.

  • poster

    i just love the picture qith the adjacent table for the laptop. it’s really cool to do your business while in the toilet lol

  • Yeeah, definitely not engendering comfort for me. I like a little distance between my sink and toilet…can someone design the water efficiency and keep that separation for me?

  • Ha! I like the designs…Having a poo whilst checking Facebook.

  • waltwalden

    I like it a lot and have thought for long of having it, but the expected price ticket might be too harsh to absorb. Are there comparable products out there? the Ariel Jojo design referred above is also beautiful, but I suppose it´s not in the market? here´s a lot of references, but in case someone can refer me to real products that are available also in Europe, I would appreciate a lot.

  • Al-Ishaq

    Limited movement for the left arm. Lots of elbow banging in progress.

  • ads

    The pungent smell that this design will be emitting, tooth brushing water, all sort of waste. how healthy.For guys fine but for ladies i doubt, and the maintenance.

  • JP

    this one is something else

  • memo

    I´m sorry for all those guys who think this is a good idea, it’s cheap, lousy and very unconfortable …..why??? because your nuts will crash in that square shaped edge of the toilet, also has no privacy and if you check by any chance the hotel Mosquito Beach in Playa del Carmen in México you will find the very same “bathroom” and trust me , it´s really unconfortable .

  • seen this before in japan. very good idea.

  • 3D

    looks pretty ugly, but saves water, so it is a good concept. hopefully we’ll see more of those. WC cistern could also be connected with shower.

  • J

    Old idea, but a new twist. Like the hand-dryer thing that J Dyson claims to have invented, it’s been around for YEARS in Japan. YEARS AND YEARS. So much of design is just sales.
    I’d poop there… don’t get me wrong…

  • ding

    is so agree with ads – the water saving is a good idea, but hopefully there are some good engineers behind it who have thought about a working filtering system with all the gunk that comes with the sink water i wouldn’t want to flush my toilet with it. but reading the other comments it seems to work in other parts of the country so lets hope for all of our sakes, that this problem has already been resolved.

  • Sink, toilet, notebook… I can’t see where is the refrigerator?

  • Alex

    where can u buy this W+W by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti toilet in the U.S.A. anybody know?

  • I hope this comes to a common bathroom. Congratulations.

  • Beautiful looking and a great idea about reuse the water.

  • rock

    good idea, + great ideology; to save water. but for something conceptually simple it is prohibitively expensive at 2.500€!!!!
    we want to save water, but who wants to spend so much on the can!?

  • iuft

    That’s good. But it won’t make sense to people who don’t even wash their hands.

  • Chen

    Great Idea!