Grasshopper by Wieki Somers
for Tectona


Since spring is on the way, here's a range of metal garden furniture designed by Dutch designer Wieki Somers for French brand Tectona.

Called Grasshopper, the collection includes two tables and a chair made of  steel and aluminium, powder-coated in light green.

Legs narrow towards the feet while a pattern of round holes prevents water collecting on surfaces.

The text below is from Tectona:

The new GRASSHOPPER collection, created by Wieki Somers for Tectona, consists of two tables and a chair in powder-coated aluminium and steel.

The bounding elegance of the forms and the pastel green perforated surfaces are simply enchanting.

The two GRASSHOPPER tables, one rectangular and the other square, may be used separately or together, as a reading table in a corner of the garden or a dining table on the patio.

Alongside the two tables in powder-coated aluminium and steel, the GRASSHOPPER chair rounds off the collection wonderfully. The chair seat and light legs belie its comfort and stability.

Posted on Sunday March 21st 2010 at 11:23 am by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • angry catalan

    I can’t judge if it’s a good design or not, but the chair looks nice. The curves and non-parallel “grasshopper legs” remind me of 50’s French design. The table is also nice but the small one looks like it has little space for legs and the large one has this not so nice encounter between the “grasshopper legs” and the transversal bar. I still like them, though.

  • Nice furniture, but I think the chair and the table doesn t have to be in the same colors.

  • modular

    Nicely done. The color is so 1950-california.

  • fish fingers

    Subtle, understated, clever and nice colour choice

  • Obscurity

    Thanks for designing a comfortable metal chair and table. I wonder if the GRASSHOPPER collection is available in a GRASSHOPPER color only. Like when we choose our clothes, it would be nice if we can choose a color to go with the color of our hair. I like the pastel color, though.

  • I rather enjoy this.

  • I can dig these. The metal looks really thick, good quality.

  • xtiaan

    I thought dezeen was all about exceptional design.
    this is just “a very nice one of those”

  • designgurunyc

    Congratulations Dezeen! Finally you are showing simple beautiful design that has a purpose ( the function part of design). These are practical and very beautiful to look at. For me it shows that Wieki is evolving into a designer to reckon with. It shows that after her years of off the wall Dutch design (her work was always at the top end of this movement as it showed observation, consideration and beauty), she is very capable of producing very subtle designed beautiful objects that are totally desirable. Love the colour and the clever use of punched metal and narrowing legs that give the objects a sense of air and lightness, they make me smile.