Concrete Buckle by Sruli Recht


More Icelandic fashion design: this time a series of concrete belt buckles by Sruli Recht of Reykjavík.

The buckles come in four hand-cast shapes and fasten with a hook and bar made of reclaimed steel.

They come with belts made of horse leather.

More about Sruli Recht on Dezeen:

Masked - In Flight (March 2010)
R¿ng (January 2010)
Vopnabúrið, Recht’s flagship store in an abandoned fishery (September 2009)

Icelandic design festival DesignMarch took place 18-21 March.

Photographs are by Marino Thorlacius.

The text that follows is from Recht:

From Mortar, Cold Steel and Flesh
Is Held Within

I took my horse and I took my house
and dragged four stones along that road
to wipe the dust
from mortar, cold steel and flesh

I took the cement powder
claimed rusted steel nails from the forgotten grounds of hope
the horse's hide, beaten now by time and toil, I tanned
and left with my gaze and sweat
to bend that steel and harden that stone.

and with what was shed I am left to atone
and postpone.


Concrete Buckle is a set of 4 hand cast belt buckles with bar and hook bent from sealed reclaimed steel, boxed with a horse-skin Black Sable, Rose Grey and Bay Red belt. Available in several boxed combinations of belt and buckle: one, or all four buckles, and one, or two belts.

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  • kaptnk

    where do I get one?

    absolute civil engineering bling!

  • mikael

    Very nice , but wich such simple shapes, did they have to be produced by rapid prototyping?

  • kovo

    the buckles are cute, but seriously … isn’t the intention to keep the trousers up? And horse leather? I feel ill …

  • eye+

    they look pretty nice,. i’m curious to see the objects in real scale.
    i don’t like the idea of horse leather

  • B.S.

    Horse skin? Oh neigh!

  • zutampa

    its Iceland all what there lives is horses and sheep.. so do you want them to import cow leather????? ore any other textiles?????
    keep it horse!!! and i know the horse was happy!!!

  • Liza

    I fancy the choice of material – concrete is the cultural fabric par excellence
    and since on Iceland, outside the “metropolitan area”, there are more horses than humans, why not horse leather – an expression of a culturally potent symbol….

  • PAD_Z

    not as reasonably priced as i had hoped.

  • Cement you can wear. Alright! Love those honest raw materials, even horse leather.

  • karl

    and whale wallets…..

  • andreas

    these would bee grate building components

  • geir

    Horse, lamb and reindeer are the only animals on Iceland that you can get the leather from. Everything else has to be imported from the UK and Denmark.

  • marl carx

    won’t the concrete damage your clothes?

  • :]

    Is that an Icelandic concrete buckle on your pants, or are you just happy to see me?