Royal Extreme by Una Hlin Kristjansdottir


Icelandic fashion designer Una Hlin Kristjansdottir presented her first collection at the inaugural Reykjavík Fashion Festival as part of Icelandic design festival DesignMarch at the weekend.

Called Royal Extreme, the label boasts silk fringing, wool pom-poms, lamb's leather bags and stockings with plaits down the front.

DesignMarch took place in Reykjavík 18-21 March.

The following information is from Royal Extreme:

Royal Extreme is the vision of Fashion designer Una Hlin Kristjansdottir, which launched at the beginning of 2010. Royal Extreme designs are noteworthy garments and accessories made from high quality materials that consist of unique detailing and craftsmanship.

Proportions have a playful approach and are composed skilfully with traces of classical and modern influences.

Royal Extreme's concept is that every woman deserves to lavish herself with beautiful things that reflect her personality and grace.

The motto is "more is more, less is a bore" and is done in an elegant but light-hearted manner.

The versatility of the female figure functions as guiding light for Royal Extreme's designs and the objective is to let the figure flourish within the designs and that the collection can only compliment and cherish women's individuality with great tailoring, quality materials and stunning craftsmanship.

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  • „Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?“

    Even though more is more, less is not a bore.

    Extreeme is good design and definitely not a bore

  • HF


  • kovo

    love love love – wish i could get it where i live!

  • Sverrir Sv.

    Mjög mjög flott

  • Form

    very inspirational (and feminine!!) designs with lots of cross-references,
    carried out with great attention to the details and materials,
    presented on a brilliantly made-up, beautiful model –

    simply perfect. Congrats!

  • zutampa

    HF … you mean her stylist Nicola Formichetti ??

  • Gunnar Á.

    Icelandic design at it best!

  • xtiaan

    I love the way goth makes a comeback every year at the beginning of winter for like 5 mins
    no really, I do. This stuff is divine

  • Mary anne Enriquez

    Inspiring fibre work, beautiful photos – but that hair is completely distracting from the great design, and not in a positive way. One of the times when the hair stylist should have been fired.

  • Bella23

    Love the hair. It looks like spun sugar or spun gold.