Offset by Giorgio Biscaro Design Studio


Italian designer Giorgio Biscaro will present a flat-pack stool made of bent plywood at the Salone Satellite in Milan next month.

Called Offset, the seat is made of slices cut from one piece of bent plywood attached to three leg profiles by metal bars.

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The text below is from Biscaro:

Italian designer Giorgio Biscaro will exhibit during the upcoming Milan Design Week at Salone Satellite, the showcase for young designers from all around the world.

This year, the collection counts almost twenty new products, and includes light fixtures, furniture, kitchenware and more.

The item previewed here is Offset Stool. It's the result of a deep research into bent plywood, its possibilities in furniture, and manufacturing process optimization.

Offset stool is obtained through the repetition of some plywood strips bent at the same angle, manufactured by the producer by bending a long, single sheet of plywood and then cutting it into pieces. These pieces are drilled and paired to three pantograph cut legs through three couples of little iron bars to avoid glueing and provide extra stiffness. At this stage, the stool is a compact body, but its resulting shape is still quite uneven, because all the bent stripes are the same length, and this make the seat kinda "rough". To obtain a smooth profile, the stool is milled with the help of a guide and no other processes are needed.

The trilobated shape of the seat is unusual, but it's more comfortable, regardless of people's different heights: since it mimics a bottom's print, legs can immediately reach the floor and they are not pressed to the edge of a wider seat. This construction method allows to minimize scraps, and quickens the production, since all strips are worked at the same time. Moreover, if the plywood seat has some flaws, you can throw it away without discarding a big piece of wood. Plywood is really little expensive, and this, combined with the easiness of production method (single radius bent, waste reduction and one-gesture mill) sets price really really low. Even packaging is light and minimal, since the disassembled stool can fit into a 43x21x8cm box, providing great storage. The main body is painted but the top of the seat remains natural, to show how it's made.

Giorgio Biscaro will exhibit Offset stool and many other products at Salone Satellite, B14 booth, during the Design Week, 13-19th April.

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  • eye+

    Beautiful design.

  • The designer could have at least made sure that the hex bolts that hold the bent ply pieces together are flushed into the side of the stool’s top when screwed in. In the pix, they’re obviously protruding out a little. Such things bug me… the devil’s in the details

  • Great idea, simply and easy to build!

  • Freddy_C

    at first glance I thought it was the same designer….
    it may have been published on DeZeen already as well…. ?

  • justin

    the top looks so thick. It feels so bulky and inelegant. I feel like the idea is very nice, but the execution leaves something to be desired. this is more materially intensive then Aalto’s 3-Legg stool, but so much less refined. I’m not talking about the lack of a stacking effect, I’m just talking about looks. I can’t imagine having this in my home. it looks awkward.

  • Very cool !

  • Blip

    Yep Freddy its yellow too

  • tom

    I have nothing againts bolts not being flushed – simple and honest

  • Sorry guys, they’re just prototypes I designed, I helped build, I assembled, I varnished (spray varnished :D ) and I photographed just three days ago ! I wanted to drill the bolts’ nest, but I didn’t have the needed tool! I choosed fluo yellow because I need to catch many eyes during the fair, so why don’t choose one among the most visible colours ? That’s why companies like Magis, or Established&Sons or Vitra must immediately produce my stool: to refine it! (joking :P )

    P.S. Mathias Hahns’ table is amazing !!!

  • marl karx

    freddy that is a table. this is a stool. i can see how the colour tricked ou but are we all that shallow?

  • eye catching, new, original manufacturing process , original form.. .

  • HCB

    I think this is the best furniture project I’ve seen on Dezeen in a while!
    That’s maybe saying more about the current low standard of posts, but still; I think this project is well founded in production, packaging and it looks really good from my point of view!
    Good luck in Milan Giorgio, I hope some of the “majors” see the potential of this design! :)

  • nice I like it alot :)

  • Justin, I understand your remark, but I tried to emphasize the seat by reducing the visual impact of legs and increasing the seat’s one. It seemed semantically more “correct” to me. Moreover, the thickness is a geometrical consequence of the use of hardening bars and locking bolts. Having more vertical surface, in addition, wraps the legs and let me avoid using a low system to keep the legs in position. Imagine a 1cm thick seat: the legs would have been free to oscillate, while this way I augmented the lever and lowered the fulcrum.
    Anyway, I am glad we’re discussing it now, it’s very useful for me !
    (thanx Jack ;) )

  • … i think more to northern europe companies :hay swedese, normann, moormann…. and also french Ligne Roset (see the new collection)

  • Nice work Giorgio! Ikea might be hungry for it.

    I´m only a little bit confused about the seating area.. Visually I think upper edge of bended of plywood might create discomfort…
    Good Luck

  • slater

    I don’t see a connection from the table to the stool other than a slightly aesthetic one. It doesn’t look like the table is made of ply or is a knock down piece either, although it is a nice piece.

    The stool featured here is also quite nice, but I’d challenge that it should be composed of fewer parts. Part of the beauty of knock down furniture is having the least amount of parts possible while still being able to flat pack it for shipping. I think putting indivual bent stool pieces together prior would be an option worth exploring. Also, the seat does use quite a lot of material but I do love how massive it is and perhaps it needs to be in order to support the correct amount of weight and house hardware.

    All in all, I think this is a great study piece and I’d buy it. Nice work!

  • In this time of Diy, suggestion to Giorgio for differenciation and appropriation by user : personnalization,customization of your own chevron motif…..