aTable by Beatus Kopp


Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design graduate Beatus Kopp has designed a table with hollow legs through which electrical wires can be channeled.

Called aTable, the product is made of glass-reinforced plastic and has four holes on the table surface, leading wires down through the legs and out the bottom.

Kopp presented his table at Blickfang in Stuttgart last month.

Here's a bit of text from the designer:

The inspiration for this table was based on the most basic requirements the user has of any ordinary table. Following this idea the design is reduced to its most basic element; a plane, flat work surface, where the legs are simply an continuous extension of this surface.

This minimalistic approach is also seen in the functionality and construction of this table. While the top surface has a smooth finish, the underside is raw and uneven in contrast.

aTable also accommodates contemporary electronic equipment, but is still versatile enough to accommodate individual tastes. It is minimalist in design and materiality, easy to assemble, but still highly stable.

Material: Fibre-glass reinforced resin
Colour: White
Dimensions: 180 x 90 x 72 cm
Weight: ca. 13 Kg
Set up: Detachable legsaTable

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  • Brilliant!

  • four holes on the table surface is too much …We need only 2 holes

  • dcbcn

    The surface texture is a little weird, but the table is very well conceived. I like that the bottom of the hollow legs has a little recipient that prevents things from spilling out onto the floor, should you accidentally push a paperclip or a pen into one of the holes.

  • AngerOfTheNorth

    Clever idea, pretty simple but I expect it’d work. The only issues would be whether a plug will fit down the leg (not all plug wires can be pulled out of the appliance they are part of) and whether the hole at the bottom is big enough to get pens and other bits and pieces that accidently drop down the legs out.

  • It’s astonishing! It’s sublime! It’s revolutionary! It’s …. it’s ….

  • andie

    great design solution, and good choice of material

  • deadmouse

    simple and smart! love it.

  • Louis

    Great idea!

  • OmarM

    minimalistic > minimum material, minimum effort.
    a fibre-glass table is nothing what you can call minimalistic today.
    Production is very complicated, expensive and harmful to the environment.
    could you get the same effect with more intelligent material use?
    why not do the same with different materials and less effort?
    Steel tubes and wood, no lacquer?

  • good idea – great design

  • That’s lovely.

    The inside out thing is like some of Anish Kapoor’s recent work.
    (the good ones).

  • jack

    @ Prof…

    Really?, Thanks for speaking for everyone, you are obviously the final word on all things design.
    Personally getting a little tired of your pronuncements…

    I think it is great, and I’ll take mine with four holes thanks.
    2 holes would add extra complication to what is a ver simple and elegant design. Why deviate from simplicity?

    Agree about the material though, a more friendly version would be good.

  • simple but so smart!
    id hate to get something stuck in the hole tho….

  • bolweevil

    make some caps for the unused holes that are flush with the table top and voila! can't we cut it from a single block of some space age composite or resin and use one of those massive laser/water carving computer operated thingys? that way it'd be $3800 just to break even! I'd buy one, I love it too (eyebrows eyebrows…)

  • Peter

    I agree with Professor Z. Four holes is an extravagance!

  • clever, simple , useful …. except may be the choice of the material.
    I know you must show your innovative concept and people prefer symetry We need only 2 holes as solution for wires and 2 holes on a table surface near a user is more a problem than a solution.

  • Omar – why do you think steel production is better than fibre glass work?
    Have you ever seen a steel smelter?

    Oh – and the Kapoor reference:

  • cy

    i like it!

  • Jeremy

    I want one :D

  • pebkac

    How nice to sit vis-a-vis at such a table. You could spill your beer and wet the other guys trousers via one of the gullys.

    Also very good to quick-hide smaller gadgets, USB-sticks, thumb-pins, micro-sd-cards, … Even smaller mice of the tiny laptop variety might be dumped with ease.

    The table will take office golfing to a new level.

  • philip


  • guisforyou

    while fibre glass products do have very negative environmental effects at the moment, it provides for new possibilities in design and conception. for example, this table. You cannot make this table in any other material then this. And if you think that the process of industrial molding is complicated, when well designed is actually one of the quickest methods for production with out waste. So in the end, it is a smart material.

  • Nice concept.

  • HCB

    I find it extremely unpractical; to hide one or two cables, you have to accept loosing all sorts of small utensils down the front legs.

    In addition, on many computers you have the chunky transformer combined with the electrical plug, and it’s too big to slide down through the leg, meaning that you’d have to pull the small cable up through the leg, and I’d really like to see how that should be done..

    And since it is in one piece of fiberglass,(a very time consuming process) it can’t be knocked down for shipping, meaning it will be extremely expensive to ship.

  • angry catalan

    It’s a smart concept, but the hole on the base of the legs looks like it greatly reduces how much weight they can carry…

    @ guisforyou: I think you can make something like this with steel or aluminium.

  • That’s a new concept!
    Probably the shell at end of legs is what I’m not sure I like. It has nice finish but seems fragile and also I don’t see way for leveling! Furthermore things like rubber, pens can easily fall in the wholes..
    I hope idea will be further developed
    Good Luck

  • Brilliant idea. Execution not to my tastes – the inset and angle of the legs feels weird – but I’d love to see more designs based from this concept.

  • mm

    Could we have table top “Plugs” to cover the wholes when not in use….?

  • Rich

    Genius! The best concepts are the ones that seem so obvious after you’ve seen them – the ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moment. I want one of these – cables drive me nuts!

  • sir lance-o-lot

    great idea but the execution has little lasting value in the big picture

  • Blip

    Can you slide a uk plug / transformers down one of those fat legs ?

  • HMSY

    There is nothing new with this design, cable management systems have been designed into tables and desks for years.

  • HCB

    Why is the clamp for the lamp not included as well? This could easily have been combined with a plug to hide the holes.. (like many office desk manufacturers have done already.)

  • HeatR216

    I would very much like to buy one… Any place to do so?

  • Lzo

    Great but… i bet Apple’s power cords doesn’t fit the hollow legs! If you suggest routing the cord backwards… good luck! Great idea for the rest of equipments though.