Glueline by Oscar Diaz


Milan 2010: London designer Oscar Diaz will present a shopping bag made from canvas straps in Milan next week.

Called Glueline, the bag is bonded together with rubber at the points where the straps meet.

The handle of the bag is also coated in rubber to improve the grip.

The bag has been designed for Foodmarketo, a collaboration between Apartamento magazine and Designmarketo for Milan 2010.

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Here is some more information from Oscar Diaz:

Glueline is a shopping bag designed for Foodmarketo using standard strap. Half store and half cooking workshop, FoodMarketo is a partnership between Appartamento magazine and Designmarketo, which opens next week a Milan. The bag is just made using standard 32mm wide strap coated at the overlapping points with rubber.

The rubber works as both, the bonding and decorative element, holding the strap together and emphasizing the connecting areas. Each bag is handcrafted and built as a wireframe. The handle is also coated with rubber to improve the grip. The store and cooking workshops will be taking place at Kaleidoskope Project Space.

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  • Cr.

    I love it ! But !@#$ you, if you believe that anything as thin as a bagette or as small as oranges will stay in that bag. But hey .. who cares anyway, I love it ( :

  • I like it but you need plastic bag or net inside ….so it’s for supermarket.

  • Fantastic idea. so well designed, Perfect for people like me who never finds what they need in there bag.

  • f

    I really like the joining technique Oscar has used, however because of the big gaps the straps leave, doesn’t that miss the whole point of a shopping bag? To remove the use of plastic bags?

    Could be a good beach bag?


  • The_Architext

    To TheJoyof Color… Indeed, with this bag you will never ever find your things in your bag… You’ll have to look on the pavement or wherever you were before… lol…
    Seriously… Is that practical design ??? More of an art piece !

  • Alastair

    I fail to see the advantage of this over a standard tote bag, all the holes? Really?

  • like carrying water in a strainer

  • rob bothma

    ummmm everything will just fall out, surely thats not what a bag is designed for. even in that picture you have to use extra carrier bags inside. looks pretty but no thought on function therfore a defunct product in theses times

  • blip

    A bag for bags.

    Great construction technique but the quest for the ‘strip’ esthetic has left the functional side of things rather poor.

  • I imagine the same idea in a bigger scale, as for harbours and ships who must unload their goods… But certainly NOT to do shopping!!!
    As designed now this shopping bag let you asking yourself permanently: Did I lost something on the way…?

    Surprising design but not practical :-(

    François Beydoun

  • rdeamer

    sweet! now i wont have to be drunk to loose my phone, wallet and keys

  • gozzillo

    with this bag, you can come back home with half of your charge

  • Murve

    Dear TheJoyofColour: If you get this bag you’ll never find things you need because it would have fallen out on the bus or on the street this design is pointless. I like the lightness of I but make it practical at least.

    Otherwise your promoting the use of secondary packaging to hold your stuff inside your bag.

  • What would be the length of the stripes? Sure if its 6 m or more this bag will be heavy! I would appreciate it more if it has been done of one single stripe.
    Interesting concept but not for carrying baguettes

  • see dzmitry samal’s bag for vuitton

  • CROFTdesign

    bags inside of bags… is there a point?

    solution: many more organic canvas straps of varying thickness to keep your valuables inside bag #1, so you don’t need bag #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc…

  • urbanizing

    this is so not sustainable….why the use of fresh rubber and not at least trying to use recycled rubber. Guys, you need to learn to design with respect to sustainability and future use

  • the holes don’t look very promising!

  • i love the bag and the design. however, i would not buy it bc all i think about is what i might drop!

  • tanya telford – T

    agree with Prof Z but how about using it but with old plastic bags for lining, like cool idea of carrying/using of old plastic bags, & I think @ f , it could be good on the beach too,

  • tanya telford – T

    could even use vintage plastic bags, (going through attic at moment and come across a few),

  • denis

    what if i like to carry small things in my bag? you can’t call it good design if it doesn’t work!

  • Coffeemonkey

    Not sure what everyone’s up in arms about with this bag. Don’t most shoppers nowadays use bags within bags at the store anyways? Think little plastic bags that you use when picking out your fruit at the grocery store (prominent in the US) At least this large bag is reusable. Granted, we should all stop using the fruit bags to begin with, but this is a start. And it’s quite beautiful in its simplicity. Great bag!

  • florence

    This bag is a so great idea but i’m surprised to see a same project in intramuros magazine of nov dec 2009, bl119 atelier
    Amazing !!!!

  • françois

    it looks like BL119 work at design parade 2009(villa noailles).

  • walker

    yeeeeees………it will be light, because everything will have fallen out. The idea of a bag is to eliminate the wasteful use of plastic bags, not create more need for the damn things.