Universidad de Málaga by Luis Machuca


Spanish architect Luis Machuca has completed a new faculty building for the Universidad de Málaga, Spain.

The new development houses the faculties of economics and social sciences and is divided into three separate structures.

The largest houses an auditorium, library, administration and canteen, while classrooms are located in the second.

These two buildings are linked by bridges and walkways, while the third is separated and accessed from the street.

Photographs are by Duccio Malagamba.

The following information (in Spanish) is from Machuca:


La nueva ampliación del Campus de Teatinos de Málaga se alarga por el Valle del río Guadalhorce, siendo el entorno natural de esta nueva construcción.

Tres edificios componen el complejo, cada una de ella albergará usos bien diferenciados, el de dimensiones mayores dispondrá de Biblioteca, salón de actos ,administración y restaurante, el siguiente edificio dispondrá de las aulas del complejo.

El espacio cubierto existente entre estos dos es el de relación interior de la Facultad.

Quedando el tercer edificio exclusivamente para los departamentos y vinculado a los otros dos a través de pasarelas sobre una calle exterior.

¡Que bonito sería aprender debajo de los árboles!.

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  • the lack of windows seem a little jail cell like, but the spacious areas make up for it
    i would love to go to school here

  • Erik

    Would be nice to see a plan. However, I don’t see any social spaces, merely 3 longer volumes with a tendency for tectonic abbreviations.

  • Poster

    Like it ….scents of siza and all the Portuguese sistem

  • AD NY

    I can’t undersand why architects hate trees so much. This is great example of what’s wrong with some of the today’s architects. Nice composition but have not been designed keeping people comfort in mind. Courtyard could have been softened by using some planting.

  • bajahna

    question: in the large open space, are the columns set right next to the handrail? it looks like there isn’t enough space to walk between the column and the handrail. so, you couldn’t grasp the handrail for the entire trip from top to bottom (or vice versa) of the ramp. seems like a bad idea.

  • tiny_architect

    A plus…

    as it should be!

  • paulo


  • eb nyc

    Way too icy, yes.
    Some pictures look like a parking garage.
    What is this obsession with clinical, dead spaces?

    Would possibly work for a museum, not for a university bldg.

  • Ayham

    I love it! very sophsticated and elegant.. just how architecture should be.