1111 Lincoln Road by Herzog & de Meuron


Photographer Nelson Garrido has sent us these photographs of the recently-opened car park in Miami by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron.

Called 1111 Lincoln Road, the building incorporates 300 parking spaces.

Eleven shops and three restaurants are located at ground level, with further shopping on the fifth floor and another restaurant on the roof.

All photographs ©Nelson Garrido/1111Lincoln Road Shot Reprinted with permission from MBeach1, LLLP

The information below is from the developers:

Envisioned by Robert Wennett and designed by Herzog & de Meuron, 1111 Lincoln Road represents the collaboration of renowned architects, landscape architects, artists and designers to create a unique shopping, dining, residential and parking experience for Miami's residents and visitors.

Situated at the gateway to Lincoln Road's pedestrian promenade, 1111's mix of exclusive, internationally diverse retailers will once again restore this long-dormant strip to its former position as the city's premier retail location.

Constructed of concrete and glass, 1111 Lincoln Road is described by architect Jacques Herzog as pure Miami Beach - "all muscle without cloth".

Each level of the sculptural parking facility is filled with natural light, creating successively striking vistas of the city.

At its base, the retail spaces offer unobstructed access to a newly transformed public space.

1111 encompasses 40,000 square feet for 11 street-level retail concept stores and three restaurants, as well as a uniquely-situated 5th floor retail store.

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  • Recently I run into architectural designs that remind me the method of the COPY-PAST.
    I think Herzog & de Meuron’s project is a good example of ” inspiration Awareness”, the Ten Commandments architects should be aware of, while getting inspired….
    You are invited to visit my blog ARCHIDIALOG.COM, a place where I trace the inspiration sources of gifted architects. You will find their more than 70 exemplas of build projects, and what I think were their sources of inspiration….

  • jack the ripper

    interesting comments all around,

    but essentially , this is a ‘ millefeuille” a traditional french cake.

    The concept was already used by Chipperfield in Spain.

    still, it works.

  • M

    Love it!! Herzog and de Meuron have done it again……

  • Warren

    Looks like they copied MVRDV.

  • Danillo

    @ plots:
    “I highly doubt you see mixed use parking garages incorporating public programming at grade everyday in Miami.”

    – What about the 7th Street Parking by Scott Robins Companies?

    At least that example tries to hide the ugliness of the automobile behind a floral façade, or “planter filled with cars,” as they put it. It’s a step in the right direction, an attempt at beautifying the needs for a developer-driven vehicular filing cabinet. Furthermore, nothing about Herzog & de Meuron’s piece pays respect to the Art Deco typology of South Beach. It’s far too minimalistic, and can be sited in literally any first world city.

  • Looks a little slapdash to me and the steel wire retainers scare me. A car would rip right through those if out of control.

  • inventa

    one big brazilian “favela”…

  • Its too bad they didn’t build this parking garage in what should have always been open space in front of the new world symphony building by gehry. (just down the street from this building)
    Instead of the nasty noncontributing parking garage that the city dropped down like a wart in front of the gehry building.

  • I worked on one of the retail spaces on the ground floor and it is so good to see the final project through a proper lens. This really turns around that end of Lincoln road!

  • Peter

    eh… I’m usually a H & dM fan, but I’m not buying it. The vertical support is really clunky and childish. Maybe its true that the typology turns me off as well, but judged just as a building, I still don’t like it. It looks like a strange brutal pagoda thing.

    Plus, just cause they’re H&D doesn’t mean its good. Also, to Bozo, just cause Corb was all about the automobile (like the futurists, etc.) doesn’t make it a good idea. He had some pretty lousy ideas as well. Even old FLW had a car worship thing going on. Still doesn’t make it right.

  • yrag

    Easily the most STUNNING parking garage I’ve ever seen in my life.

    This shows what great design can bring to even the most mundane of structures.

    This is a true inspiration.

  • travis

    Beautiful but flawed. How is “making it beautiful” the answer to the parking garage? We have a more fundamental problem here: architecture was and is never involved in the decision-making process that leads to this solution for the city. Even the highest caliber architects cannot escape the politics of the city. So revel on in the beauty, it’ll never pass as a viable solution and speaks to the impotence of architecture in the broader context of society.

  • As a synthesis of engineering and aesthetics, i think this parking garage speaks to the nature of the automobile more than any other i can think of. It is stylish, and displays its style behind (or in front of) brilliant engineering. And it displays cars!

  • laputa

    Best parking lot ever! For a great architect, the building program is not a problem at all !

  • just amazing. incredible positive and negative space created by the lighting in the elevation shot

  • I recently completed an extensive photo shoot of the garage and have finally processed the photos. Link to photo gallery for your enjoyment:


  • christian

    cross sections please….

  • Everything now can be tranformer in spetacle!

  • Michael Allen

    Awfull. Why some double height floors? Does the ramp accomodate double height vehicles? Are they planning on a lot of moving vans parking there? If not, these floors are a waste of space. Does everyone want to pay double to park in a structure that could have held twice as many customers, just because it's cool looking or something? If there is parking available in a logically designed structure a block away for half the price, where would you park? Why are these architects so enamored with trapezoidal shapes with the wide side on top anyway? Just because no one else likes them?

  • Michael Allen

    Using various angled supports for each floor just makes the structure look awkward and random and uncoordinated. Probably no structual reason for all the various shaped supports, just more wasted material and more cost. I assume the cables across the end of the spaces will withstand the impact of the occasional vehicle that runs into them, and the owner can have a lovely souvenier of their wonderful modern parking experience, a bunch of horizontal creases on the front of their car. Actually cars today have a lot of unbendy plastic at the front, which will more sort of crack and crumble. If people do park there, what will you see from the exterior? A lot of cars. Nice.

  • MTV

    MTV (Miami office) is located in this building.

  • marcinho monteiro

    a última foto evidencia como os pilares sugerem o balanço natural das palmeiras, uma homenagem obvia à paisagem!

  • Juan Fernández

    Estructuras calculadas. El cálculo llevado a la vida real. Alucinante.