Chambre d'Ami by Matali Crasset
for Campeggi


Milan 2010: at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile last week French designer Matali Crasset presented a guest bed that folds into a coat stand for Italian brand Campeggi

Called Chambre d'Ami, the product comprises a metal frame with a mattress rolled up inside.

Bedding materials can be stores inside this roll and coats hung on the metal loops.

Also presented by Campeggi at Milan 2010: //Slash sofa by Adrien Rovero.
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The information that follows is from Crasset:

”Guest Room”

Double hospitality coat stand and guest bed

The behavioral slant in the realm of home rituals is undoubtedly what has always been my synergist for designing furniture. This dissimilar vision, notably from a hospitality standpoint, makes furniture become an adventurous path to be rediscovered or reinvented.

My first association with Campeggi is founded upon a common interest for new symbolic representations of the home.

This object is synonymous with hospitality and offers two temporal dimensions. It initially greets us in an entrance hall or a small space in the house, and is used as a coat rack during the day, with its curved metallic structural lines offering hanger shapes placed at different heights.

When guests arrive and the night falls, it changes into an unplanned guest room armed with its various accessories:

  • within this hospitable column, a mattress is transformed into a bed for two,
  • inside this mattress is a bag with the quilt and pillows,
  • the top becomes a lectern for bedside reading,
  • and lastly, the metal structure becomes a clothes stand for hanging any apparel and in the middle, a space to empty your pockets …

Overall dimensions: 190 x 73 cm in diameter
Metallic structure alone: 160 x 73 cm
Mattress: 200 x 135 cm
Epoxy-painted metal, thermoformed plastic, highly-resilient foam mattress

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  • J

    The plate the bed rests on when rolled up is pretty…pretty redundant.

  • tanya telford – T

    another good design solution for over night guests, instead of a sofa bed. Gets my vote, the number of times ive had to sleep on a sofa bed with no wear to put my clothes etc etc, looks fun when its packed away too.

  • Blip

    The French Karim Rashid, I do believe

  • Xit

    Looks like a lot less usefull version of her old ‘Quand jim monte a Paris’ project, regressive unfortunately.

  • Play

    I think I prefer a guest bed under my own bed that a big “rocket” in some place in my house.

  • Anton

    I don’t really understand the relationship between the spare matteress and the coat rack. It’s a bulky, fairly unattractive coat stand which transforms into an over-the-top side table.

    Not very well resolved I feel.

  • Nickthegreek

    why the hat?

  • Prof Z.

    …Philippe-Starck loves orange too. After the pink war between Karim Raschid and Jaime Hayon, (Winner Karim)is it an orange war now? Winner?

  • tanya telford – T

    true, why the hat… maybe to stop it getting dusty?, I guess it does look a bit like a rocket but also a bit like some kind of water tower? … still don’t mind that (based on previous sofa bed experiences). Am wondering where you would put it, maybe its not designed for a very conventional interior or space or maybe its for a space that doesn’t have room for a sofa bed,

  • Prof Z.

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    Prof Z. Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  • dougo

    Even when not fully resolved I find the work by Matali Crasset to be among the most inventive and creative. See the project for this children’s playspace:
    Definitely not the French Karim Rashid.

  • PL

    The top is clearly a bedside table for a glass of water, watch, wallet, cellphone etc.

  • deem

    where can i get this?