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Stay At My Home by Designasyl

Recent industrial design graduates Designasyl have sent us images of their thesis project Stay At My Home, a range of temporary furniture for overnight guests.


The furniture, which includes a mattress, removable drawer, lamp and carpet, is stored in and around a side table when not in use.


Designasyl was formed by designers Luzia Kälin and Nicole Lehner, recent graduates from Swiss university FHNW Gestaltung & Kunst.


The following is from Designasyl:


stay at my home

stay at my home is a series of objects which enables the host to set up a comfortable overnight stay for his guest. The series is designed for hosts who do not have a specific guestroom available.


The main object of the series is a comfortable mattress, which offers the guest a comfortable bed for the night. Due to a special foam composition, the mattress can be rolled up and stowed away under the furniture.


The furniture serves as a base for the guest, here he can place his belongings. In the drawer of the furniture, 
cover, pillow and the bedside lamp are stored.


Once you remove the drawer from the furniture it can be placed
 as a storage box within easy reach from the bed. A torch-like lamp simplifies the guest’s nightly orientation.


The arrow-shaped carpet does not only symbolize the
 warm welcome, but can also indicate directions.

The light weight objects offer the guest the freedom to position the bedding as they like.
 The series doesn’t have to be hidden in the attic anymore, but forms an ensemble which can stay in the living space. The series simplifies having guests and therefore supports hospitality - a very important virtue in a globalised world.

Stay at my home is the Bachelor thesis by the Swiss in Industrial design students Luzia Kälin und Nicole Lehner. They finished their studies at FHNW Gestaltung & Kunst, Aarau in summer 2008. The project was supported by Johannes Fuchs und Adrien Rovero.

In collaboration with Happy AG the mattress was developed. The carpet evolved with from the kind support of Ruckstuhl AG.