Jumper by Bertjan Pot


Milan 2010: here are some more pictures of Dutch designer Bertjan Pot's Jumper chair, launched by British brand Established & Sons in Milan last week.

The design features a knitted cover, created on a machine for making clothing and washed at a high temperature to shrink the wool.

Buttons hold the resulting cover around the bent steel and wood frame.

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Here's a little text from Established & Sons:

Jumper consists of one continuous oversized woolen knitted cover, with qualities very much like that of a jumper, including buttons that fix the cover together on the underside of the chair, once the knitted cover is wrapped over the solid wooden structure and bent steel legs.

The cover is knitted on a ‘Knit and Wear’ machine that is skilled for clothing garments, but this is where the fashion and design production processes divide.

Once the garment is completed it is then run through a high degree wash to attain a seamless and upholstered effect eradicating most of the stretch from the wool but presenting a high quality fabric that layers the structure with precision and rigor.

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  • ste

    really want one! nice use of material

  • Aleksey

    looks like a cat transformed into the chair)

    Chairshire cat =)

  • squelchy

    it’s called felting and it is one way to make felt…. knitters use it to create fuzzy creature toys.

  • clap, clap, clap…
    yes, this new photos are really great! we love the hair with the stripes.
    Thanks Bertjan.

  • willem

    dear dezeen, please stop making the netherlands ridiculous!! there are so many real good dutch designers who care about intelligent innovations. there are also enough good architects in holland. due to your publications the world gets an impression that holland produces only funny unsustainable jokes and needless party waste. please save the dutch for themselves!

  • tanya telford – T

    if im understanding the text correctly, the machine they have used to make the cover means that you can save on materials because your creating the shape you need, no fabric/fibre waste, & felt is quite hardwearing and verstile,

  • Fish fingers

    I pity anyone who lives in Eindhoven

  • Capstick

    Too much wool, felt. Looks like a chair covered in a sock. This furniture “socks”

  • Christophe Evrard

    Le fauteuil Jumper est une pure merveille…