Spun Seat by Thomas Heatherwick
for Magis


Milan 2010: British designer Thomas Heatherwick presented a chair resembling a spinning top at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan earlier this month.

Called Spun Seat, the chair has been designed for Italian manufacturers Magis and is made of rotation-moulded plastic.

The seat can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Here's some more information from retailers Aram:

Spun seat by Thomas Heatherwick

Launched recently at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, the Spun seat by Thomas Heatherwick is made from rotational moulded polyethylene.

Using a single profile and rotating it through 360 degrees, Spun is a functional spinning top. Measuring 65cm high by 91cm in diameter it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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  • modular

    Jeebus Chraize! Magis has presented loads of new projects this year!

  • http://www.deadgoodltd.co.uk Deadgood

    So how do you sit on it then?

  • Bas

    So when it is roto molded, the spun look is just a look?!

  • http://www.archiphotos.com stefan

    I would like to see how can you exactly sit on that thing

  • peeween

    Aaaaaamazing!! & I tried it- it’s suuupercomfortable & fun to sit in!!

  • applejack

    Can we see a sitting image please, 6 images & nada

  • hallo!

    It is very unpleasant sitting on this, it turns over just at the wrong moment..

  • http://www.georgehollander.com George

    Looks like fun!

  • jack the ripper

    ask a certain archi editor.he sat on it .

    jack not guilty ….

  • Simon

    quirky mind game – I can’t tell which is moving, the seat or the photograph?

  • Robbie

    Looks like a lot of entertainment can be had with it

  • http://www.vihrogone.com Alex

    yes looks like fun; but also fingers or feet can be nipped there I think..

  • http://www.elianatomas.blogspot.com Space by Eliana Tomas

    I sat, and it’s good fun…

  • http://www.oscarlhermitte.com oscar

    Ok, contextualize it please.

  • http://deleted amsam

    feet in photos of shoes please, and butts in chairs, or what is the point? Just tell the people you won’t run the photos!

  • Adan
  • Y

    Funny how they look exactly like Mathieu Lehanneur’s sculptures for Issey Miyake…

  • Sally

    How much is this seat to buy?